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Is the PS3 Price Drop Low Enough?

Is the PS3 Price Drop Low Enough?

As you’re no doubt aware, Gamescom saw the price of the PS3 drop to sub-200 quid for the 160 gig version and around 240 pounds for the 320 gig.

Obviously this is brilliant news: a lower price means more people likely to (potentially) buy the console, and the more games we get to see released on PS3. But has Sony gone far enough with the price cut?

With the cheapest Xbox 360 model available for around £134 (and a 250 gig version retailing for £180), we’re hoping that it’s going to be enough to cut the lead on Microsoft’s console, but we wouldn’t be surprised if MS didn’t follow suit with another price drop of its own.

So, you tell us: do you know anyone that who hasn’t got a PS3 that would be tempted by this offer? Or could it do with being lower?

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  • Sid

    I already have a PS3, but my friend whats to get a PS3 when he moves to America. The price drop was good but he’s still going to get a pre-owned 120gb PS3 slim (with a 500gb hard drive from Amazon.com).

    In other words – no, it was DEFINITELY not enough to convince him to get a NEW PS3 🙁

    But at least it’s still a PS3? The more PS3’s owned, the more happier people in the world 😀

  • eelay

    according to another gaming website the price cut has already worked in the usa as sales of the ps3 have gone up. personnelly any price drop is better than none at all!