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Is PS Vita a bluff? [Edit]

Is PS Vita a bluff? [Edit]

[EDIT] It’s not a bluff… nevermind.

It won’t be too long before we know for sure what Sony is naming the NGP/PSP2, but with more and more signs pointing towards it being PlayStation Vita I have to wonder if Sony could be stringing us all along. Given its history of being about as leaky as a collinder in the run up to E3, perhaps Sony has been planting these Vita seeds to send us off the trail.

When it comes to worst kept secrets Sony is clearly king. Whether it’s the PSPgo, PlayStation Plus or Slim PS3 we all knew long in advance of their announcements that it was coming. The same appears to be happening again with NGP/Vita, but I have to remain skeptical.

I should say that I have no evidence of this, just a nagging feeling that Vita is so poor a name for the successor to the PSP that it has to be a red herring. And wouldn’t that be a smart move for the perenial whipping boy of the rumour columns to outsmart the tweeting masses, dropping clues and hints that ultimately send us all off the trail.

Then again perhaps this is all just wishful thinking on my part as I hold out what little hope remains that PSVita will not become a reality. At least we don’t have to wait too much longer.

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  • rbl007

    well if history tells us right, it will be Vita or maybe not (too much rum me thinks :P), just look at the Wii. if the Wii was called the revolution till before launch

  • Anna

    On their website, they have on the main screen that it’s called the NGP.

  • DO’G

    i think your right on PSN it’s called “PS VITA”