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Is Battlefield 3 Getting Overhyped?

Is Battlefield 3 Getting Overhyped?

Understatement time: there’s a big buzz about Battlefield 3 at the moment. Gigantic. Monstrous. Unstoppable, like a fat kid surfing an avalanche down Everest.

It’s easy to see why people are so excited about it: c’mon, just look at it. It’s beautiful. And it’s Battlefield, so you know it’s going to be good.

But isn’t everyone getting a little too excited? After all, it’s Battlefield, and you know it’ll be good, but is it going to be radically different from the thirty thousand other shooters, from both within and without the BF franchise, that you’ve played? No.

Again, this is not a terrible thing. Battlefield has some of the best FPS teamwork ever seen in a console game, and we’re looking forward to flying our jet right onto M-Com station A, ejecting at the very last minute and cackling like a madman on helium while we do it.

It’s going to be good. But we’re concerned that the reason for most people’s excitement seems to be that it looks amazing, which it does. On PC. On PlayStation 3 it’ll still look great, but not anywhere near as good as it does on Windows.

And when the slavering hordes of COD-hating graphics whores realise this, what are they going to think? A) Oh, there’s actually a brilliant game under all of this, or B) WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH graphics WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Probably the second one. And that, friends is the danger of overhyping something.

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  • Lamaldo78

    EA & Dice would say no. Its good for them. The more hype the better. Although agree, I think people who are expecting to see the same level of graphical detail when they play it on their console are going to be disappointed although they should focus more on the game play than the graphics. I’m a bit of a graphics wh*re myself but my favourite multiplayer shooter is Halo Reach and that looks awful in my opinion ()compared to other titles out there at the moment).
    twitter: @lamaldo78

  • The Deleted

    If you have to ask? Yes. But considering the hype a certain Activision IP gets, any game that wants attention these days has to shout louder or get drowned out.

  • Lee

    I always try not to get too hyped about games because if you just keep on expecting a game to get better and better eventually your going to expect THE greatest game ever made. And when you eventually get to play it even though its really good you still expected it to be better and I think battlefield is in danger of becoming one of those games.

  • Sid

    I agree with The Deleted. Call of Duty MW3 pulls in millions of customers just for being called Call of Duty. And because Battlefield 3 is being released so close in Call Of Duty MW3, it needs to convince people that Battlefield 3 IS better, and it deserves to be chosen over MW3. THAT means, it needs to SCREAM with ridiculous Graphical Detail and WAVE IT’S HANDS WILDLY signalling the deep storyline. You get the point 😀

    And who cares if you overhype something! It makes it 10% better when you play it for real 😀