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Irrational’s new game isn’t SWAT 5. I wish it was.

Irrational’s new game isn’t SWAT 5. I wish it was.


Irrational Games have a new teaser site up, taunting us oh-so-well with an obscure image and the site name ‘What Is Icarus’, referring to the rumoured Project Icarus the company are said to be working on. It’s not a new Bioshock, it’s not the new XCOM – so what could it be? Well I know what I want it to be: SWAT 5.

It’s highly unlikely that Irrational would be working on a sequel to a PC-only series we last heard from in 2006, but hey – this is a personal thing here. SWAT 4 was absolutely, genuinely one of the best FPS titles around, even managing to hold up on the quality spectrum four years down the line. To see a version of it come to console would be a minor dream come true (major dreams coming true include finding a money tree in my garden, or realising I can juggle cars).

SWAT 4, for those unfamiliar, was a tactical FPS where players took control of a Special Weapons And Tactics element as they confronted criminals of all different kinds across part of America. Missions would range from a convenience store robbery, through a hostage situation, a bank heist and onto – my personal favourite – arresting a wanted serial killer in his mum’s house.

Every mission could be approached in a number of ways with one consistent factor: you were police. You were to act like police, you had rules of engagement and you couldn’t just go in, spraying bullets everywhere. Things like how you weren’t allowed to pull the trigger unless the suspect had fired first: brilliant. Setting up your two squads for a simultaneous breach, bang and clear from two different doorways in a room: amazing. Screaming at an elderly woman to get down, before being forced to subdue her with a tazer: amazingly brilliant.

Irrational’s new game is supposed to be a brand new IP, and even if it wasn’t I would doubt it would be a new SWAT title – they’re just not super-marketable, even if they are fantastic. Still, a man can dream… a man can dream.

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  • Denis

    I WANT SWAT 5!

  • Nick

    I Carus NOT for this! Give me SWAT 5!

  • zakkandrachoff

    yeah, i want SWAT 5 too

  • GIVE US SWAT 5 !!!

    SWAT 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • :(

    i want SWAT 5 🙁 omg pls

  • Hey – We need a Swat 5 , or even a Proper Sequel of this game .

    I opened a Memorial Church Club in X fire :

    And if anyone is Interested in Proper Teamwork & Tactics in Swat 4 ,

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    I wish its will have an end one Day with the Unknown about this Title,
    we want answers !