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inFamous 2 – Sucker Punch Studio Visit Photos

inFamous 2 – Sucker Punch Studio Visit Photos

Before E3 and the big inFamous 2 reveal we got the chance to visit Sucker Punch on its home turf in Seattle. As such we got to see the city that has inspired them and get a feel for how the development team leads its daily life.

SDC10050In case you were wondering, this is what Seattle looked like when we arrived. It goes without saying that as a city it is a little more vertical than Empire City, but you can already see some of the influence it clearly had on the original game.

SDC10061If Sucker Punch is looking for a little inspiration then it turns to these arcade games. Sometimes its good to get back to your roots.

SDC10062Although Sucker Punch is an independent studio it has been working exclusively with PlayStation since Sly Cooper and as such gets contact with Sony’s own studios a great deal more than others might. It also gets access to all the cool toys.

SDC10067As inspiring as the arcade cabinets are this view from the Sucker Punch office windows is probably even more important. Over to the right somewhere are the homes of a number of Microsoft executives, the company that studio founders Brian Fleming, Chris Zimmerman and Darrell Plank began working at before creating their own company.

SDC10071And speak of the devil, here’s Brian Fleming who revealed to us that he worked on a couple of the events from California Games (a retro classic) and showed us the original pitch document for the game that would become inFamous. Let’s just say it changed a lot between then and now.

SDC10078Yet more evidence of the creative spirit at Sucker Punch are the hallways covered in graffiti and framed videogame artwork for inFamous and titles like Metal Gear Solid 4. But the really good stuff is…

SDC10066Yes, of course Sucker Punch loves Play. Everyone loves Play. And here we can see Issue 175 in pride of place in the reception area presented beautifully by UK PR maestro Hugo Bustillos. But back to more important matters like…

SDC10082Would you look at the size of that steak! Jesus, Mary and Joseph! It’s looked more likely to eat us than be eaten.

Want to know more? Read Play’s Exclusive preview of inFamous 2 featuring interviews with Chris Zimmerman, Nate Fox and Brian Fleming in Issue 194, on sale July 8 (Available in stores in UK and Ireland or via the Imagine eShop).

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    Good gravy! Santa Monica Studios, Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games and Polyphony Digital, has really got it all! The Sony Alliance is going strong!

  • Sean

    Yeah the views are great, but all I want to know is who was lucky enough to eat that steak?? ‘only in America’

  • Liam

    Brian Flemming… more like Desmond from Lost