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inFamous 2 pseudo-confirmed

inFamous 2 pseudo-confirmed


In yet more proof the internet has taken all the fun and surprise out of the world, it recently transpired that the role of Cole MacGrath – inFamous’ shocking (ho ho) anti/hero – is being cast for the sequel to the rough-around-the-edges-but-still-good-fun sandbox superhero/villain-’em-up. And that’s the official genre of inFamous, we’ve decided.

Anyway, an actor known as David Sullivan recently Tweeted the following:

First voiceover/motion-capture audition today for a videogame. Re-casting of Cole in the sequel of inFamous. “I’ll melt your face.” e.g

It’s not an official confirmation and he may well be entirely wrong about it, but it’s not too far out of the realms of reality to expect a sequel to inFamous. We weren’t expecting Cole to be re-cast, though. We liked his gravelly tones. Deep research (hello, IMDB) shows us Sullivan has had a previous role as a hotel manager in CSI. So fortunately it seems Cole is in good hands.

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  • Dave Moore

    but why recast though?