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InFamous 2: Chain Link Menace Solved

InFamous 2: Chain Link Menace Solved

548711074_46B7a-L-2In an exclusive interview with Play during a visit to Sucker Punch’s studio, inFamous 2 development director Chris Zimmerman assured that Cole MacGrath’s troubles with chain link fences in inFamous were a thing of the past. Insisting that at the very least Cole could be expected to do things most people can do, he said it was one of a number of improvements to the way its hero would traverse New Marais.

“We’ve added some new moves and you probably won’t be stuck if you see a chain-link fence in this game,” Zimmerman explained. “You’ll probably be able to climb those. It’s pretty reasonable to say that something I can do a superhero ought to be able to do, so I can climb a chain-link fence, I’ve done it before and Cole really ought to be able to as well. I’m guessing that that’s going to be possible. There’s more spectacular stuff as well obviously, but even the basic stuff is important.”

Want to know more? Read Play’s Exclusive preview of inFamous 2 featuring interviews with Chris Zimmerman, Nate Fox and Brian Fleming in Issue 194, on sale July 8 (Available in stores in UK and Ireland or via the Imagine eShop).

[image from Penny-Arcade]

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