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iCloud For Beginners hits iTunes for 99p

iCloud For Beginners hits iTunes for 99p

Imagine Publishing has launched a new digital-only, Multi-Touch ebook, iCloud For Beginners, specifically designed for Apple’s iBooks 2. Featuring slideshows, interactive images and more, it is one of the first ebooks of its type in the world.

So if you have an iPad or iPhone, updated to iOS 5, then ignored the bit where Apple tried to tell you about iCloud, how it works and why it’s amazing then worry no more about that knowledge you lost out on. We’ll explain everything to you and make you a Supergod of the Future.*

Best of all, it will cost 99p. That’s it! That’s the same price as two hideous Singstar avatars! Or roughly the same as the chips will set you back in a Big Mac meal. And it’s definitely cheaper than everything in a poundshop.

From how to set-up your free iCloud account to sharing your information across your Apple devices, the ebook uses cutting-edge technology to deliver enhanced, easy-to-use tutorials. It’s a comprehensive tutorial on how to use the same technology that powers cloud-saving that PlayStation Plus members enjoy.

“At Imagine, we’re always excited by cool new ways to deliver our world-leading content.” said Editor In Chief Aaron Asadi. “iBooks Author is another great opportunity for us to create more products we love for a whole new type of audience. It’s this sort of game-changing innovation that makes us do what we do.”

“With the speed that the publishing industry is changing, there’s nothing more exhilarating than grabbing hold of new technologies and seeing how we can get the most out of them to serve-up the content we’re so passionate about,” added Ross Andrews, Head of Design “What could be better than going from saying ‘we should try that’ to a fully published product in just a few days? It’s hard to think of a more exciting time for the industry.”

iCloud For Beginners is available now on iTunes and iBookstore worldwide.

* May not actually make you a Supergod of the Future but this is the cheapest way you’ll have a shot at realistically becoming one.