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I demand Bit.Trip on PS3 and PSP

Today the trailer for Bit.Trip Flux was released, the sixth and final instalment in Gaijin Games Bit.Trip series. That’s it up there. Watch it. Watched it? Good, then we shall continue.

Up to now the Bit.Trip series has appeared only on WiiWare and Apple’s gadgets, and I’ve loved them all. Each game fuses a colourful Eighties aesthetic with old-school gameplay, and in doing so delivers some of the most challenging, but also most entertaining, downloadable games of recent years. Most Bit.Trip games blend shooter gameplay with rhythm action, titles like Bit.Trip Runner and Bit.Trip Beat demanding patter recognition and quick reflexes to overcome their often hectic and difficult levels. These aren’t easy games, but they’re not bad experiences because of it. The’re  addictive, mesmerising pieces of work that are very difficult to put down until completed.

I love the aesthetic of Bit.Trip too. Retro-styled but with a sense of humour, the adventures of Commander Video…one second…here he is…

…are beautiful to look at, almost hypnotising in their marriage of vision and sound. The music, which celebrates the Chiptune scene, is brilliant too, the notes bouncing and colliding alongside the rhythm and flow of the gameplay.

So, here’s my question to you, Gaijin Games. Why on earth has this series not yet made its way to PlayStation? Sony is very receptive to indie curios, and the entire Bit.Trip series, perhaps as a single download, would make a fantastic addition to PSN. Bit.Trip games are predominantely motion controlled, but the Sixaxis has been capable of replicating that gameplay for years. Now that we have Move the excuses for Gaijin not taking its games to Sony are getting fewer and fewer. The games might not work so well on the PSP, but the NGP contains the same gyroscopic technology as Move, making it a future platform perfectly suited to Bit.Trip.

Come on Gaijin. I’m not asking for much (except for an probably expensive and somewhat risky move to a new platform). You need to spread Commander Video’s love that little bit more, to a whole audience that is yet to sample his joys. Just look at him up there. He wants you to do it. He wants to appear on PS3. APPEASE HIM.