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How to get a job at Epic Games

How to get a job at Epic Games

Normally, we just tell them to get good at English (journalist), or maths or art (developer), but last night I stumbled upon an old blog that opened my eyes to another way of getting yourself noticed in the crowded games industry job market.

Chris Bartlett is now a senior artist at Epic Games and has worked on both Gears Of War games as well as Unreal Tournament III, but back in July 2005 he posted this blog about how he got a job at Epic in the first place.

Looking to make himself stand-out from the other 200 applicants to the vacancy, he showed up at Epic’s office unannounced dressed as a Star Wars Stormtrooper (as pictured here). Bizarrre as it might seem, this made exactly the right impression and he ended up getting the job.

Now, I’m not involved in the recruitment side of the business here at Imagine Publishing but I think I can say with some confidence that the Stormtrooper approach would probably work here too. Only recently we recruited a George Lucas in our advertising department. Seriously. I hear she’s settling in very well.

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