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How Sony Can Save PlayStation Move

How Sony Can Save PlayStation Move

We don’t know how meetings work at Sony. We don’t know if Men In Suits sit around boardroom tables, looking at Man In Most Expensive Suit pointing a charts and bargraphs and numbers and data. “Move will sell this many!” he says and they all nod, because everyone else is nodding and that’s the correct thing to do at meetings, right?

We don’t know how meetings work at Sony. We don’t know if Men In Suits play Killzone 2 during lunchtime at their busy offices and got so annoyed at the lack of precision leading to a lack of headsuits, they called up up Sony’s Research & Development decision to do something about it.

We don’t know how meetings work at Sony. What we do know is Move hasn’t set the world of PlayStation on fire yet. Here are a few ideas to change that…

1a. Create An Original FPS With Move

Killzone 3 uses Move. SOCOM Special Forces uses Move. BioShock Infinite will use Move. Plenty of games have incorporated Move as an alternative control scheme but none of them have specifically been created with Move in mind.

The FPS genre remains popular with point-and-shoot offering the easiest implementation of Move. That should serve as the foundation but how good could an FPS be when created solely with Move in mind?

The FPS staple of lots of creatures scuttling towards you before leaping to attack could be swatted away by your gun in mid-air, rather than wasting needless ammo firing at the floor, to give one we-just-thought-of-it-now-we-are-not-developers-don’t-hit-us idea.

If that fails…

1b. Make Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 Move Only

It’s forceful but it would work! Right? Right!

2. Bundle It With Every PlayStation3

It’ll never happen because Sony will make a huge loss whatever happens as a result of this, erm, move. If the price goes up so Sony’s covered for the cost of including the peripheral, then there are less potential PlayStation3 buyers. If the price stays the same, then Sony loses profit covering the cost of including Move.

But the benefit would be a massively increased Move userbase, which means developers would be more inclined to think of ways to include Move in their games, which means more games would support Move, which means more reason to get one.

[Shameless plug]We have a feature in a forthcoming issue of Play where we look to next-gen and ask developers on their opinions[/shameless plug] and one of them mentions one of the things Sony got absolutely right, which Microsoft got wrong, was that the hard drive was included with every PlayStation3. Why? Because when developing games for 360, they have to account for the fact while 95% of people will have a hard drive, they have to account for those that don’t.

You can apply the same thinking to Move. Why make games solely for Move if not everyone owns Move? It’s automatically restricting the audience to a certain number of PlayStation3 owners. It’s too late for a bundle to save Move’s userbase now, really, but it would have been a great tactic earlier in the peripheral’s life.

3. Rethink Marketing Campaign

Seems weird that Ludacris has gone to the effort of writing a song about people standing in front of the TV when using Move and Sony decide not to use it for their marketing.

4. No More Half-Hearted Efforts

PlayStation Move Heroes wasn’t great but you can’t fault the effort. It deserves Play’s patented Medal of Try. An original IP based around Move… good show, we say. Likewise, Ape Escape Move and Time Crisis: Razing Storm are good efforts that might not have set the critical world alight but at least it signalled what Move was capable of when put to good use.

Which is more than we can say for Start The Party, The Fight: Lights Out, TV Superstars, Kung Fu Rider and so on. It’s easier to overlook the good efforts when they’re buried beneath the bad ones.

What kind of games can we expect to see in the future? We’re not sure which side of the divide titles like Medieval Moves will fall on yet but there’s a hell of a lot more riding on Sorcery nowadays than there ever was before…

  • Sid

    I agree with what your saying. I bought move about 4 months ago, and I can’t say I’m loving the move, cause the move games I got is Sports Champions and (Cough) MAG (Cough) .

    Whats sony doing? They need to release some proper amazing, full length move game, and that dosen’t mean Killzone 4 (as Killzone 3 is probably one of the best move games, with sports champions)

  • Gaz

    Sony tried to fix something that isn’t broken with the ‘Move’. PS 3 users love the games and control method just the way it is. It works great for the Nintendo Wii and that’s the control method and games their users want and expect. PS 3 users are a different animal and I can’t see the ‘Move ever appealing.

  • Ghettocat2007

    I love ps move and just do not get the same kick playing with DS3 anymore! KILLZONE 3 is amazing. I have played FPS with a pad for over 10 years now yet it only took 2 weeks to be on a + kill/death ratio online.I am a force with the sharpshooter.

    I would love to see move exclusives like a Skyrim type 1:1 experience but in reality I will happily settle for more move optional titles.

    The guys at Bethesda would make a fortune if they re-released Fallout3/NV goty gold edition (like resi).fully patched to support move.

    Just imagine wandering the wastes fully engrossed sharpshooter to hand. They could also change RAGE from average to Epic in one quick patch. Fps games do not need to be exclusive move titles and I can hold my own well enough against DS3 opposition.

    I am really looking forward to Bioshock Infinite,Star Trek and most of all DUST 514.

    People just need to spend a bit of time setting up sensitivity and reduce dead zones to suit. I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on this 🙂

  • Ghettocat2007

    I really need to see an open world sandbox game support the move. GTA or saints row 3. Borderlands…

    Or better still

    An exclusive title would be awesome an open world RPG based in fantasy like LOTR or elder scrolls. Nav control for moving around and off hand(shield/ bow etc..) and move controller for full 1:1 sword slashes or elemental magic. Press square to unequip weapon or spell. Then have a free hand like Datura free to feel the environment,pick up new weapons from the fallen. Pick ingredients for alchemy. Cook food for health. Pick locks… Drag bodies to be steathy Punch, slap, even paint…. Horse riding. Steering a ship across choppy waters. Tighten rope on a catapult. Ring the town bell to warn of invasion. Literally reach into the game and interact with everything. Possibilities are endless.

    Download Datura this will open your mind… If that tech was combined with elderscrolls or GTA. Or fallout it would change gaming as we know it for the better