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How much is history worth? £310?

How much is history worth? £310?


Would you pay money to read about the history of a famed games developer? We would. Stories told can be fantastic, the artwork shown can be incredible and feeling like you know more about the company as a result can be invigorating. But would you pay £300+ for the privilege?

It seems that Rockstar and Steidl, the publisher, think you would. Digital + Analogue: The Art And Science Of Rockstar Games comes in at a frankly astounding £310. Even if it does sound like an enthralling read, covering three hardback volumes of the company’s history and littering the pages with illustrations, wire-frames, candid shots and whatever else we normally don’t get to see, as well as a DVD covering even more things.

It certainly sounds like it has all the bases covered, and you certainly don’t get the short end of the stick, content-wise. But should it be £310? Is this the kind of price impulse buyers would pick it up at? Doubtful. Also, it means we’re less likely to get a freebie sent to the office, as more expensive things aren’t usually sent our way. Not that we’d mind if they were…

There does seem to be a bit of confusion, mind, as the officially-listed price of £310 ($450/€352) is only listed as £89 on Amazon, which is further reduced to £75.65. Confusing? Yes. Cheaper? Yes. Cheap enough? Hmm. That’s another issue of personal preference.

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  • Conor

    £310!!!!! I think i’ll keep the money for new games thank you very much

  • Sam Vernoholica

    Good idea making a history of Rockstar collection. But the price is a bit too steep in my opinion.