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How long is long enough? THIS LONG. Maybe.

How long is long enough? THIS LONG. Maybe.

What’s a good length for a game? Really, though – what’s ideal? DICE has recently revealed that Battlefied 3 should be clocking in at around 12 hours (meaning more like 7-8 in real terms, at a guess). It seems that nowadays – as well as being worthy of reportage as news – a campaign clocking in at more than six hours comes as a surprise.

Now we – I – get quite moody about this, as I feel that as a standard we should be looking at 8-12 hour campaigns. Probably more towards the eight than the end of that scale, mind. But when I think about it? I want to be able to finish my games, and when Real Life, bastard it is, keeps on getting in the way it can prove difficult to finish anything that clocks in at more than 32.5 minutes long.

Which is why Homefront appealed so much. BURRRRN.

Seriously though, from an idealist perspective I’m happy to see games with major online components still able – at least claimed as able – to have single-player modes lasting a dozen hours. But from a realistic perspective, I kind of want them all to be 6-8 hours so I can have a chance of actually finishing them.

As for your Yakuzas and other such games I can’t think of right now? Yeah, they get their time put in, but distractions come and they get forgotten about. Let’s introduce a new rule: all games be 4 hours 29 minutes long. Then the majority of us can finish them.

This may not be entirely serious.

What about you? What’s your perfect game-length?

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  • Sean

    It really depends on the quality of its contents. I would prefer a 6 hour game that grips me throughout, a story that won’t let me put down the controller, than an 10 – 15 hour game that is just plain boring throughout (I’m looking at you Crysis 2). But what makes this all irrelevant to me is one game; Mass Effect 2 🙂

  • Sandy

    I find that I don’t really notice game’s lengths. Even after having oblivion for a year or two, in still go back to it. Same with Killzone 2, a bit random yes, but I’m still trying to finish the last level on elite! Personally, the story that I have enjoyed most recently is Brutal Legend! It’s just so metal! And a good length too. And I have found that if I leave a game like Dragon Age unplanned for too long, I cant get back into the story and game, and thus, still haven’t completed it!