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How It Works Relaunched And Sexy

How It Works Relaunched And Sexy

Do you want to learn something today? Something of brilliant importance that you can use to impress fellow man and woman, win pub quizzes and just generally be a smartarse?

Then check out the relaunched How It Works site, found at howitworksdaily.com.

Why are London buses red? We thought it was because red paint was the cheapest but it was actually a tradition started to make them stand out.

Why does milk turn sour? We thought it was something that the milk-makers deliberately did that so you can’t hoarde all the milk so the milk people can push the prices up and make more money when you’re forced to buy more milk. Turns out, it’s lactid acid. Oh.

What’s inside a grand piano? We thought that homeless people slept in there this diagram shows there’s no room for them to do so. Wrong again.

Did Atlantis exist? We say ‘dunno’. Turns out the official answer is also ‘dunno‘. We win! God we’re smart.

Turns out maybe we don’t know that much. Still, we beat their Trophy level is really low! LOL!