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Heavy Rain’s lost secrets revealed – Best Forgotten?

Joystiq got a bit of a scoop on Monday when it posted a video of deleted scenes (with commentary) from Heavy Rain. As one of my top games of the year I was obviously interested to see what had hit the cutting room floor and what had survived. I was also curious to know if it would show any of the once promised DLC content that would have followed the game’s release. Alas, we had none of the latter, but what was shown was interesting.

The question is, was any of it worth keeping?

Scott Shelby kills his mother – Supposed to take place after Anne is visited by Madison Paige and she works out how the Origami Killer is, Shelby then arrives to snuff out his senile mother. Quantic chopped it because they felt it showed Shelby too negatively and that killing her was pointless. Instead he just sticks his head around the door and leaves.

Best Forgotten? – I believe so. This would have been a harsh scene to watch. The fact that Shelby is a child murderer should make him look bad enough, but your supposed to feel sorry for him as much as hate him. This would have been a step too far.

Ethan’s blackouts are filled with water – As part of the original conceit that Ethan is somehow linked to the Origami killings his blackouts would have been accompanied with him surrounded by water, swimming around his house until he found the floating body of the latest victim and he would wake up with the Origami figure in his hand. This would be explained by a psychic link between the killer and Ethan after his son died.

Best Forgotten? – The mystery of the link between Ethan and the Origami Killer is probably best left as a mystery and the idea of an explicit psychic link probably takes Heavy Rain too far in the Fahrenheit direction of the supernatural. The water scenes would have been cool to experience though.

Getting Shaun to school – A scene set after Ethan spends the evening with Shaun where you have to get him up and ready to go to school. Pretty basic really.

Best Forgotten? – Essentially a repeat of the gameplay of the earlier scene, plus the park scene gets pushed forward by cutting this helping to establish the bond between father and son much better.

Madison’s back story – It was originally intended that you would get the chance to experience much of Madison’s investigation into the Origami Killer by visiting her offices at The American Tribune, searching files and generally piecing the puzzle together. You would also learn that part of the reason behind her insomnia is that she worked as a journalist during the Iraq War, something that she clearly found traumatic. You also would have had the chance to decorate her flat as it would have been in the middle of a renovation.

Best Forgotten? – Not at all. This would have been a valuable addition to the game. Madison’s enigmatic nature was something I personally praised in my review as it kept her as something of a wild card throughout the game. However, the fact that we never see her put the story together does leave some questions unanswered. Where is she getting all her info from? We’re left having to assume that as a journalist she has access to certain information by default, but it would have been good to see some of that first hand. And the decorating thing… that probably would have dragged out the opening of the game a little too long, but it would have been cool.

Original video and story from Joystiq

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