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Heavy Rain US box art revealed, apparently


And there it is, losing a great deal of the subtlety of the EU version (click here to have a look and decide for yourselves). We’re not going to comment on it though (much) as this isn’t actually Sony confirmed at the time of writing, and could – could just be the work of an intrepid Photoshopper. It does look about right though, what with the wet breasts, human characters to show the buying public that there are indeed people in the game and the inclusion of – what else? – a gun.

We don’t want to say it as it seems a bit mean, but we’re going to anyway: the US tends to get much worse box art than we do. This example with Heavy Rain is by no means the worst, and in fact will clearly be liked by a fair few people, it’s just the latest example to pop up. The latest in a long line.

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  • Dave Moore

    couldn’t agree more.the eu one is far superior……although theres nothing wrong with wet breasts