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Heavy Rain dated for the US, Veronica Belmont still lovely


According to this month’s edition of PSN magazine Qore, Heavy Rain will see a February 16 release in the US, leading us to believe we’ll be getting it around the same time. In fact, we feel we’re entitled to it before the Yanks, for no reason other than we really, really want to play it now.

Anyway, the news comes in the wake of the BBFC giving the game a 15 certificate and a collector’s edition – exclusive to HMV – announced for the UK. Other than that, we’re still waiting… waiting… waiting… Those who can’t be bothered to wait as much should check out our hands-on coverage over on NowGamer, or wait for our issue released February 18, where we’ll (hopefully) have a full, in-depth review for you to pore over. Though don’t forget to buy January’s issue, out the 21st.

Qore is the digital magazine you can subscribe to through the American PSN, and it’s presented by the lovely Veronica Belmont. For that reason alone you should probably find a way to subscribe.

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  • Sean Markey

    Is this the official release? If so I can’t wait any longer than that, I’ve been waiting 4 years for this.