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HD remakes: friend, or friend (who isn’t really a friend)?

HD remakes: friend, or friend (who isn’t really a friend)?

I was singing the praises of the re-mastered version of Beyond Good & Evil making its way to PS3 only yesterday, but how quick I am for my enthusiasm to take a hit. See, the Prince of Persia HD collection has been officially announced – PS3-only, Europe-only – and it’s left me feeling… well, a bit cold.

I’m not down on the release – the first in the Sands of Time trilogy is (cunningly entitled Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time) is brilliant, even to this day, and the other two games aren’t slouches, even if the Prince himself does become a bit of a tit.

No, I’m just getting a bit worried about how publishers are clearly going to start rinsing us for our hard-earned with re-release after re-release. It’s one thing to release yearly entries to a series that brings nothing in the way of innovation; it’s another thing altogether to simply bring out old games again. At least in the case of the former there’s the risk you’ll see something new.

The God of War collection was very welcome – two great games, remastered well and at a good price. The Ico/Shadow of the Colossus collection will undoubtedly be essential. BG&E: a classic. The POP trilogy is fair enough and I can see it picking up good marks on release. But then you see things like the rumoured Mortal Kombat collection and you start to wonder – is it the right series to get this kind of re-release? Classic MK games have been available on all PlayStation consoles already, so what purpose does this serve? Everyone has played them, a lot of people already have them and have had countless opportunities to buy them again and again through various compilation releases and digital download services. Why bother?

The Sly Cooper trilogy is another questionable one. While they are good games, it just seems an odd series to bring back, seeing as it wasn’t exactly the biggest of names on original release. Though maybe that’s the point.

Then we get into speculative territory, where we have to wonder what other series will be brought back to milk a bit more cash out of the gaming public. Some will be welcome – especially digital-only releases, as they’re going to be cheaper (it all boils down to money with me). But I do believe it might become a bit of a fad for companies to re-release their games, and re-release ones that haven’t been off the shelves too long. Are we going to start seeing remakes of PS3 games released on PS3?

No, probably not. But still, while I’m happy about the trend currently, I’m cautious as to how it will turn out. It might get a bit silly.

I’m sure I had a point here somewhere.

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  • dave

    Do gamers complain about everything these days?

    Leave stuff like this to those that care about it. This will not affect all the proper current gen game releases in any way. Its their ay of making a quick buck.

    No one is holding a gun to your head. If you don’t want it, don’t get it.

  • Axe99

    Totally agree that this might get a little out of hand, but the portrayal of the gaming public here as mindless zombies that can get milked by any old rubbish is a little insulting – these are ‘gamers’ games, and not Wii shovelware, after all, and are likely only to be bought by people familiar with the franchises. I won’t grab the MK remake, for instance, but would expect that those who do are those who already know and enjoy MK.

    On the other hand, I reckon the Sly Cooper games are amongst the best platformers in the last decade – I had more fun playing any of the three Sly Cooper games than in Super Mario Galaxy – and will jump on their re-release, and think they sold fairly well (I’d be surprised if they weren’t comparable in sales to the PoP games, at least on the PS2).

  • Ben

    I’d love to get an HD remake of kingdom hearts, because I have a slim and can’t play the ps2 disc.

  • Jack

    If they make a Jak and Daxter PS3 remake, I think I’ll take their side.

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