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HD Re-Releases Are Better Than Star Wars

HD Re-Releases Are Better Than Star Wars

So we’ve just had Splinter Cell HD Trilogy and God Of War Collection Volume 2 while Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection is just around the corner. A lot of HD re-releases, not a lot of time.

Despite some grumbling and groaning from a few corners of t’internet about HD re-releases, it doesn’t really amount to much more than that – it really is just some grumbling and groaning. HD re-releases are one of those things that tend to avoid heavy-hitting criticism because they’re not a major drain on publisher’s resources, developers tend not to lose time porting them (the majority of conversions are outsourced to another studio anyway), they come in at a lower price and those who loved the originals get a chance to play them again. It’s a win-win situation for most parties.

In the case of Ico & Shadow of the Colossus, it’s a chance for you to play something you missed out on first time round (kudos if you didn’t) in sparkling clean HD. Shadow of the Colossus has even had its frame-rate problems fixed.

So why the massively trolling hit-bait headline? Because we’re lucky. Developers don’t decide to go in and add a few extra bits here, change a few other things there, apply some general nip and tuck. Any changes means getting hands dirty with code rather than straight up porting and also means extensive testing to ensure the changes haven’t accidentally buggered something up somewhere else. In other words – more effort than it’s worth.

That’s not the case with films. The Blu-Ray editions of Star Wars have already caused fans to shout “no… NOOOOOOO” and if you want to know why, watch from 0:25 onwards to see the ‘subtle’ change added in:

Can you imagine something like that happening with games? If Sam Fisher shouts “NOOOOOOOOO” when he fails a mission? Or Kratos spends all of God of War 1 shouting “NOOOOOOO” from start to finish? The Colossi shouting “NOOOOOOOO” when they die?

It would never happen. Although I’ll double-check the HD re-release of Shadow of the Colossus right now. Just to be sure…

  • Lee

    I think HD releases are awesome. I don’t have a psp so I never got to play any of the god of war games that were released on the psp so im very happy about this. dont really care much for splinter cell or shadow of the colossus. But I do wish Final fantasy 7,8,9 10 and 12 would get a HD remake

  • David

    I am half tempted to get the Tomb Raider remakes, but so far there hasn’t been an HD re-release i’ve particularly liked the look of so far. If some more promising titles appear I would be more interested. I particularly like the PSP re-release idea.

    Btw if you like NOOOOOOOs you’ll love this:


  • eelay

    i think this HD re-releasing is a good idea also, it gives people who were maybe to young to remember a chance of playing these great games. for the ones who do remember them the the first time around its a trip down memory lane. i would like to see if possible some PS1 games redone like the first 3 resi games or the 5 tomb raiders!. just a thought.