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GTAV – Leaked Video And Screens?

GTAV – Leaked Video And Screens?

So Play collectively woke up (just a phrase, we don’t sleep together or anything) to a lot noise and chatter about the ‘awful’ Grand Theft Auto V leak. At first, we thought awful because oh no, this scuppers Rockstar’s plans for a huge GTAV reveal, it’s all gone wrong, whatever shall we do. Then remembering no-one actually sympathises with publishers when it comes to leaks, we had a lot at the actual video doing the rounds. This quickly cleared up the ‘awful’ part of the leak.

Here it is, for those playing catch-up:

One of those pixels is supposed to be the Grand Theft Auto V leak. Now obviously, if you don’t actually have access to the game in question and you’re trying to fake a leak, then the best thing to do is wave your camera around and make sure it’s not in focus. Or record it from a drunk phone.

Here are the ‘leaked’ screenshots:

So there you go. They’re not real but at least you’re up to date on the latest ‘leaked’ game to be doing the rounds. For what it’s worth – I actually want this to be Grand Theft Auto V, because it has the same bright garishness that GTA: Vice City did, which remains my favourite in the series.

Still, might be worth waiting for the real screenshots to pass judgment rather than these fake ones, eh?

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  • the bossman

    Yeah, because for someone who supposedly has screens and film of GTA5, they OBVIOUSLY want the quality to look as bad as possible for no-one to comprehend what’s going on. More than likely some GTA4 mods for the PC, and he sat in a darkened room and waved his phone around a bit while recording. The useless fool.

  • mike hunt

    i took a poopy in my pants and it burned