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GTA IV Launch – The World Reacts

So GTA IV’s been out for over a day now and, well, the gaming world has gone potty.

Stories have been flooding into the office about stabbings in queues (one man was reportedly stabbed 20 times in the face!), the macing of a game shop employee after an argument with a customer and even report about a US cop who parked his police car in a queue for the game.

Can you ever remember such a reaction to the launch of a videogame or, for that matter, the launch of any major piece of entertainment? I certainly can’t.

A few years ago there was the story of the man who changed his name to “Turok” and camped outside Game for a month waiting for the Turok Evolution’s release (it later turned out that he was paid for the stunt) and, of course, there are numerous stories to do with obsessive queuing for Harry Potter books and to see the prequel Star Wars movies but nothing can compare with the apparent frenzy that the launch of GTA IV has been met with.

And we haven’t even had the mainstream media jump on the “GTA IV is too violent” bandwagon yet.

GTA IV may be out now but it’s going to be a long time before people forget about it. This one’s going to run and run…


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