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GTA: how do you play yours?


I’ve been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City recently (review in issue 191, out April 15) and it got me thinking about how people actually play this series. I have sat and watched friends simply muck about for hours on end, not doing any main or side missions whatsoever; blowing up cars; killing everyone in sight; trying to blow up the biggest pile of cars they can accrue; trying to kill the biggest pile of people they can accrue – that kind of thing. Then I’ve seen players who will slowly, surely make their way through the world, obeying real world laws, taking taxi rides without skipping the journey and generally being the antithesis of what you’re expected to be in GTA: a good person.

As for myself, I tend to play GTA as if it’s any other particularly linear game. I follow the mission structure, trying to do as many missions for one person in a row as I can. I will go out of my way to eliminate story missions before anything else, and once they’re gone? Why, side-missions, races and base-jumps, of course.

Once all of the main missions are done, once the side-missions are a thing of the past and the last drug war is but a distant memory, then I can allow myself to just muck about. I treat the playground aspect of GTA as a reward for finishing the game, not a foregone conclusion when I pick the pad up. I think, maybe, I’m a bit mad in the head. Yes, that construction workers’ gear may look like a sweet ramp to launch my Infernus from, but that would sidetrack me from my goal here: to be insulted by Brucie’s short, orange brother. Ramps can wait.

So what kind of GTA player are you?

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  • Thomas Bolton

    I like to play through the Missions and once completed, I use cheats and go on rampages and complete side missions and races etc.

  • Dave Moore

    i play it the same,do 1 persons missions at a time and when i finish one persons i explore an play for a while before starting the next.
    are these reports of episodes from liberty city being delayed true ian? there seem to be many conflicting stoires on the net.