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GT5, or: ‘how to do the best patch ever’

Polyphony Digital released the latest patch for Gran Turismo 5 the other day. In it, they added a few bits and bobs I don’t care about, as well as one that’s so ridiculous I just have to care about it.

See, it seems using one PS3 to play GT5 on one television isn’t good enough for Kazunori Yamauchi and co., so he and his team have patched in the ability to play the game across five screens, with five PS3s hooked up together. Naturally, I had to try this out over the weekend.

I failed, as I only have one PS3 and one TV, and nobody was willing or able to bring around their PS3 and extra TVs, as that would involve far too much effort for far too little reward.

It’s an absolutely pointless addition for the common player of GT5 and it’s the kind of thing that will surely be used by less than a per cent of those who own the game. It needs thousands of pounds worth of kit to set up, for eff’s sake. It’s pretty much totally unnecessary and really makes me wonder what the hell is going on with the game.

It also makes me think: good golly gosh, I love Gran Turismo 5, Polyphony Digital and Kazunori Yamauchi. They’re all such wonderfully mental things.

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  • Sandy

    Still no bearded cars though…

  • Ian Dransfield

    True. Sad times indeed.

  • Joey

    Wouldn’t it be better if it let you use PSPs as monitors? I have two. One for rear view mirror and the other as a rev counter or something? That would be real Gran Turismo porn.