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GT5: how much is enough?

GT5: how much is enough?

I have just spent the entire weekend playing Gran Turismo 5. I don’t mean literally, but, actually, I almost do – clocking up about 33 hours since Friday afternoon as I did. This takes my total play-time up to about the 42 hour mark, and it’s likely to increase before I end up writing the review (one that isn’t for Play, I should point out).

But in doing this, I have only clocked about 43% on the in-game progress-o-meter. Is this enough? I haven’t unlocked simulation damage, I haven’t driven the X-1 and I have only reached level 13 in B-spec mode. I have clocked 264mph in my Veyron, I’ve witnessed the clusterflerk of trying to corner in a group online and I have done up a 20k used car into a world-beater.

But is it enough? Some corners of the internet would say no, calling as they are for ultra-mega-completion of everything before a verdict is rendered. I think no. I think a reasonable amount of time is enough – as I’ve said before – and I think over 42 hours is ‘reasonable’.

Online is a different matter though, as it’s constantly evolving. I don’t know if it will be the same game I played this weekend by next. The opinions about online mode in reviews printed at the release of the game are already outdated – no fault of the reviewer, but it is telling. This weekend saw the addition of weight and power limits to races, meaning things can be a lot more balanced than before. That’s quite a big addition, and it came days after the game did.

There’s no real point to this blog, I’m just thinking out loud. I’m wondering what you lot think – is GT5 a special case? Should it be 100%-ed by everyone who reviews it? Is it even possible to review the online mode properly? The comments section awaits.

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  • Rick

    If you asking if it’s enough, I think you still have doubts.
    I think it’s not enough. This game is so huge, it’s simply impossible that any review makes it justice.

    The simplest way is just giving it a 10/10, that way you won’t be scrutinized for not having playing the game properly.

  • Well… if you consider it “finished” yes… BUT if you come to wrong conclusions, like many did with the damage, then NO. Would you dismiss FFXIII after 20 hrs and say “Oh well, I played enough, it won’t be different for the next 20 hrs”?

    NOBODY is saying you must complete it 100%, but you should finish much of it. Seeing as many reviews that came out on release day, where the reviewers wrote incorrect and false assumptions into their reviews, it’s just not good journalism, if journalism at all.

    It’s a HUGE list of issues that many reviewers marked as negatives for this game, including long load times (mostly as the servers were congested early on), no damage (obviously false), lacking online (already got its first patch, though not fixing everything), lacking AI (which I cannot understand… having played a lot of B-Spec yesterday), “bad” standard cars (which are not the norm)…

    I haven’t read about lacking car detail in Forza 3, which there’s plenty, as many cars in Forza 3 are mere ports of 1 and 2, no track editor, no B-Spec… it’s a long list also.

    Anyways. It’s not JUST up to you if you consider your review done.

  • Oh, and add to that, I am now also about 40hrs in (spent some time b-speccing while doing University stuff) and wouldn’t consider myself able to write a review that’s fair for this game. I haven’t played online yet, didn’t look into the course maker or GTTV, haven’t even remotely finished the licenses or special events. And I am level 20 A-Spec (which unlocks rollovers and more advanced damage, btw).

  • Jakob

    You are ready when you have completed the major parts of the game. Then you are ready to speak about the progress throughout the game and not just the beginning.

    E.g. if a reviewer had only played the first part of MGS4 and made a review of the whole game based in this first part I think most people will agree that it is not a proper review.

  • Badaboom

    Is it okay to judge a game like Mass effect after only playing say 10 hours? Is it okay to listen to half an album and write a review? Is it okay to read half a book and write a review? You see if I wrote a 2 hour game I expect a good reviewer to complete it then review it. Slag it of if you wish but do the decent thing and ‘at least’ complete it. And if I wrote a 100 hour game – I still expect a good reviewer to finish it then review it. But in the end maybe Gran Turismo is truly aimed at its fans and giving as much bang for your buck as possible. Maybe reviewers have too much pressure and just can’t devote that much time to lengthy games. We ordinary consumers can’t all be as lucky as game reviewers who get freebies plonked on their desk week after week – and most probably swing from game to game. So I say, if you haven’t got the time to review something of this length say nothing at all… instead go back to soduku, angry birds or play something quick and dirty like call of duty.

  • Conor

    I have no answers about whether it is long enough as I’ve not played it; however, the image in this article is absolute brilliance.
    I reviewed Fallout earlier and have put it off 1 and 1/2 weeks so I could play it enough to make sure I knew how different it was to previous Fallout games, and how good it was. It was a wise decision, as over the weekend I learnt of a few new things after playing it solidly through Saturday (beginning at 12pm, stopping for three hours at 4pm, and commencing at 7pm until 1:30 am).

  • damage control much?..if it’s your job to review then review.when you see headlines for reviews, it doesn’t say read are half review, it says read are full review.

    and to be blunt ya’ll are a bunch of jaded crybaby’s.a bunch of grown ass men getting payed to play games (getting tax write offs for buying games)and all you do is whine and complain.

    if i built a half finished house it would fail, usa school systems put half the effort into education and its a fail, if i put half the effort into my job i would fail.

    stop crying and do your damn job.and if you can’t then quit, because your half assness isn’t doing anybody any good.

  • Ian Dransfield


    “getting tax write offs for buying games”

    Wait, what?!

  • Simon Grech

    2 years ago we witnessed the 1st perfect game in history… the Gran Theft Auto 5. All major reviews rated this game 10. Quite fair. Why why and why this perfect game is not at least rated 9.5?

  • G Potter

    The problem is ‘ how long is too short ‘ ?

    If games are released to the reviewers with enough time to actually play the game and see most aspects of it in order to write an ‘ opinion’ (thats all a review is after all) but have a restriction on when they are allowed to publish ( difficult though )then we wouldn’t have this mad rush to be the first to show a review and prize that hard earned money out of our pockets as we could then trust the review to at least have some credibility and then form an opinion as to whether we should purchase it or not.

    Games sell magazines and magazines sell games – bit of a catch 22 here unless we break the cycle of ‘ first review ‘ syndrome we will never be able to really trust the reviews when the game needs some time investing in it to do it any justice.

  • Maria

    I would have to say-the whole game mate.Not necessarily 100%,but very near to a hundred.It is your job,really.