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GT Academy Hands-On Impressions

GT Academy Hands-On Impressions


Those fine fellows on our mothersite NowGamer have got their hands on an early code for the GT Academy, a sneak peak at Gran Turismo 5 that offers the chance for the fastest racers to try out being a pro-driver for real. The demo will go live for all PSN users December 17 and features the Indianapolis Speedway GP Circuit, a tuned and default Nissan 370z and a whole lot of fun in-between.

“Much as expected, we found the street version of the 370z underpowered, but pretty slippy on corners, with it’s souped-up counterpart offering far more oomph, and even less control,” NowGamer has revealed. “Someone who seems to have had plenty of practice is one K. Yamauchi who currently tops the leaderboard – we figured the GT5 producer would be capable of some pretty hot lap times considering the time he’s spent on the game.”

The track is apparently a little bland, but runs at steady 60fps, has every car viewpoint you could wish to use, replays and will only take up 220MB of space on your hard-drive. We’ll post our own impressions of the demo shortly, but in the mean time you can take a look at Yamauchi’s lap in this video –> HERE.

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