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Grin Facing Closure? [Update]

Grin Facing Closure? [Update]


Speculation is rife this morning that Sweden based developer Grin could be facing closure after the poor performance of its games this year. Its Barcelona and Gothenburg studios were both  closed earlier this year citing financial difficulties and it is now being reported that staff based in the Stockholm HQ have been told not to show up to work.

Grin has been responsible for a number of interesting games this year, some of which were better than others. Terminator Salvation was certainly not a highlight, but we were struck upon first seeing that game the low expectations that even its publisher Warner Bros seemed to have about it. Wanted: Weapons Of Fate was actually quite an interesting take on the license spoilt only by its brevity and lack of depth and that also performed poorly. The nail in the coffin though is likely to have been Bionic Commando upon which a great deal of expectation was heaped. I for one thought it was an excellent game, well worth persevering with, but it would seem that limited concentration spans of many gamers (and even critics) was simply too low to make the game a success.

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that none of this is true. Grin really struck us as a team with a lot of potential and a lot of bravery when it came to taking on tricky franchises with innovative ideas.

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It’s now official. Grin has closed down with a number of staffers splitting to form a new company, Outbreak Studios. An official statement from Grin blamed delayed payments from publishers as the main factor behind the closure

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