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GOW Ultimate Trilogy Priced, No Collection Release Planned


Sony has confirmed the final pricing of the Ultimate Trilogy release for God Of War III that includes the HD-tastic God Of War Collection, but also poured cold water on speculation that the Collection could be released separately. The remade, HD versions of God Of War and God Of War II were released in the US last year and there were hopes UK gamers could get their hands on them too without shelling out for the full Ultimate set.

The final price for the Ultimate Trilogy set is £109.99, which seems like a lot, but does include GOW III, the GOW Collection, soundtrack, exclusive DLC and much more. It’s really not a bad bundle of goodies for hardcore Kratos enthusiasts. However a spokesperson for SCEE told VG247, “No there are no current plans for that sort of bundle at the moment.”

Hopefully Sony will come up with some plans for a separate release soon. We won’t give up on the possibility until someone says categorically that it won’t happen.

Via VG247 x2

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