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God Of War demo dated for Japan

God Of War demo dated for Japan


As Sony Japan gears up for the Far East release of inFamous, it is giving away codes for a God Of War III demo. inFamous comes out today in Japan and the code to play a small segment of Kratos’s latest bloody crusade is included. The God Of War III demo will be available on Japanese PSN from 19 November to February 2010, with the full game expected sometime in March.

No word as to whether or not we can expect similar codes in the UK any time soon, but since a demo is coming we would expect Sony to spread the love. Sony hasn’t confirmed what part of the game will be offered up to fans either, although we would expect it to be a similar section of that shown at E3 and Gamescom this year. If so Japanese gamers will have the chance to tear the head from Helios’s shoulders, ride a cyclops and punch a Centaur in the face. Good times.

We’ll keep you posted if any UK demo news comes our way.

Via Kotaku

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