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God Of War collection misses Europe in 2009

God Of War collection misses Europe in 2009


Sad news for those of you looking forward to the God Of War collection, recently announced. The remake of GOW I and II with tarted up 720p graphics, nips, tucks and other such minor improvements won’t be coming to Europe in 2009, meaning only our American chums get to play it this year. Or does it?

The games will be coming to Europe eventually as the same double pack the US is getting. Both God Of War games are getting graphical overhauls, will run at 60fps, have support for Trophies and shouldn’t set you back a great deal (if Sony follows the same pricing strategy as it is in America, with the collection costing $39.99). Basically, we’re just thinking about importing it, just as most other people probably are – but hold that thought for a bit.

It’s not been confirmed that this collection will be, as all PS3 games normally are, region free. Frankly we don’t dare assume anything yet and we wouldn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up only to be proven wrong at the last minute. Still, everything else is region free…

Oh well, we can be certain that the above is the real-life logo, direct from Sony. Which is nice, and all that.

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    Isn`t Europe a city in China?