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GDC comes good with major announcement

GDC comes good with major announcement

There was an announcement made yesterday at the Game Developers Conference that shook my foundations to their very… foundation. It won’t just change my priorities for the year – it will change the very way I live my life for the foreseeable future. At some point yesterday, everything was normal. Now? Everything has changed.

Saints Row: The Third is coming, and with it is the knowledge that one of the best, most ridiculously good fun and correct-of-attitude series ever made is making a comeback. Right now we know little – we’ll have to wait for The Source Of All Information* to let us in on that. But as long as Voltion stick to what they should be sticking to (stupidity and placing fun over function) it will be fantastic.

Sure, the NGP was demoed with more elements shown to a cooing crowd. Yes, there were 3DS announcements up the wazoo that people pretend offer anything beyond what’s already out there. Okay, some people are within their rights to be excited about Apple’s second tablet computer. Of course there are those that will be screaming with delight at the news of a new Double Fine game. It would be idiotic to assume the words of David Braben than Elite IV isn’t dead wouldn’t cause some joy through the gaming community.

But none of it matters. Because the sequel to a game where you get points for car surfing and can spray houses with shit is coming. That’s all that matters right now.

*Game Informer.

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