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Gaming New Year’s Resolutions

Gaming New Year’s Resolutions

With New Year’s Day coming up, what better time to come up with a feature about new year’s resolutions? Probably on New Year’s Day itself. Or at least New Year’s Eve, which would be more appropriate. Sigh. I haven’t though this through at all.

New Year’s Resolution For… Sony

There’s not actually a lot to say here. 2011 is shaping up to be the strongest year for PlayStation3 yet, thanks to a ridiculous list of exclusives including Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, Twisted Metal, Infamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, The Last Guardian… but still, no-one is perfect. If there’s one thing Sony could look at hammering into shape, it’s the general state of its PlayStation Store, which is improved but still messy and lacking some key content. Sony, get this right and I’ll love you forever! Or at least until PlayStation4. Unless the online store for that is EVEN BETTER.

New Year’s Resolution For… Publishers

Take risks! By that, I don’t mean Activision should drop Call of Duty in favour of getting Andrew Strauss Stick Cricket on the shelves but rather, with the games themselves. How about some innovation for the Call of Duty series? Same argument applies to Tekken, Guitar Hero, Smackdown vs RAW and other long-running series that put in regular appearances on our consoles. It’s time we had some real, ball-busting innovation injected into them to keep those games fresh and relevant.

New Year’s Resolution For… Developers

It’s amazing to think so few have actually nailed it but for the love of JOVE, isn’t it about time developers figured out how to do tutorials? They’re rarely fun and even the ones that try to integrate the tutorial into the actual experience can’t help but make them intrusive and obvious. The worst offenders are the top heavy tutorials, which pack all the useful/new info in the latter end of the tutorial, when you’re bored enough that you accidentally skipping it through mindlessly mashing X or just skip it altogether. Spare Parts is the worst offender by a long way. Across the entire history of gaming. Honestly. Someone please just figure out tutorials.


New Year’s Resolution For… PLAY

Bit hard to do this one as the team isn’t here. So let’s play it safe – Dan will promise not to fall asleep at his desk again, Ali will bring in more sausage rolls in the morning and Chris will do all his online shopping in one go, so everything turns up at once.

New Year’s Resolution For… You?

Let’s hear it. What are your gaming new year’s resolutions?

  • Garan

    Give the PSN Store less of my money…..unless its really worth it.

  • David

    Mine is to stick to the big titles, my money situation is deteriorating so I really can’t afford average games anymore.

  • Joey

    My new year’s resolution for Sony is to update the Playstation’s browser.
    It’s rubbish, i already read this article and was about to read the swearing one below but thanks to it jumping around it went back into this so I’m gonna have to press L1 about ten times to get out of this page for some reason to wait 10 seconds for the page to load properly. Even as I try to add this comment I go into a “Page not found ERROR” screen. Have to press L1 about ten times then r1 and then there’s a 50% chance the comment posted.
    Plus you can’t search youtube anymore
    Can’t download anything. Only the ocasional dodgey music websites work like bea mp33 which is rubbish.
    And the Irish store doesn’t even have a film section.
    It’s ridiculous. Sony, fix it!

  • ash

    mine is to trade black ops and never buy another game from activision BO has spoiled my gaming forever due to it being broken beyond repair