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Gamescom Report:Day Two

Another day in Cologne and by God was it a busy one. What with running between the convention centre and a hotel where Sony has been showing all its games, Probably lost a few pounds. Anyway it was a day of Gran Turismo, Portal 2, inFamous 2 and so much more.

Gran Turismo you’ll have to check out NowGamer.com for as the info was embargoed for a few hours and I can’t say anything about it right now. What I will say is there was a wealth of gameplay info revealed, some new modes and details of already announced features that hadn’t been explained before.

Then I sat down with industry legend Warren Spector to talk a bit about Wii game Epic Mickey. Not so interesting to Play readers, but Spector’s a good guy. You might be hearing from him in a future issue. I’ll say no more.

Portal 2 was just a series of videos, but great videos all the same with lots more Wheatley, physics puzzles and all the things that are making Portal 2 look like one of the best games coming in 2011.

inFamous 2 showed off a new swamp section where Cole’s electricity powers would appear to be less useful. Funny thing about electricity is that when it strikes dry wood, that wood tends to ignite and burn. Something to look out for. Anyway, Cole has changed again looking more like his old self.

Interestingly I then saw the new Michael Jackson game and while you might not care about that, know this… it can teach you to moonwalk. For real.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is looking as good as ever with horse to horse assassinations, liberation mechanics for regions of Rome and Leonardo’s Parachute, which allows you to drop from great heights and make a soft landing without using some bales of hey.

Sorcery is also looking pretty good. Simple, clearly, but for the Move and in the hands of less experienced gamers it could be a winner.

Then there was a chat with Alex Evans of Media Molecule about how Move will be introduced to LBP2. You can read some of that conversation HERE.

Then there was some time playing Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (yay!) and a fresh look at DC Universe Online, which looks like the perfect MMO for people who don’t play MMOs. Could be a winner on PS3.

Finally, Team 17 showed off a new Alien Breed (AB Assault 2) and Worms 2 for PSN (in 1080p no less). They also had Worms Battle Islands for PSP to take a look at. Some hours are going to be lost to that game.

Anyway, pretty busy and still two more days to go. More tomorrow.

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