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Gamescom Report: Day Three

Another busy day in Cologne and another good day for Sony. With sneak peaks at LittleBigPlanet 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse and Journey it’s clear there are some great games on the way above and beyond the headline grabbing likes of Killzone 3.

First was LBP2 and after speaking with Alex Evans from Media Molecule yesterday it was good to see some new things from the Sequencer tools going into the game. They were originally designed to use for making music (which you can still do, including editing tracks already in the game), but it can also be used to create sequenced events like spawning new sections of a level or creating dynamic events in backgrounds. Very cool stuff.

Next up was MotorStorm where Evolution’s Matt Southern talked about the competitive edge you can get from using 3D. He compared it to playing against someone using a CRT TV when you’ve got HD. You can read more about that HERE.

And then there was Journey, which for me at the moment is probably the game of the show. I’ve written up a column for NowGamer all about it and you can read why I think so much of it HERE.

Later I got to chat with industry legend Chris Taylor about helping Obsidian bring Dungeon Siege III to the PS3 (yay for fantasy RPG action), talked to Dave Cox about being inspired by Metroid Prime in making Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow, saw the latest demo of Heroes On The Move, talked Pro Evo and why it’s SO much better this year and finished off with some NeverDead oddity. It’s odd. Keep an eye on it.

Anyway, short and sweet tonight, but hopefully more tomorrow.

Keep checking out NowGamer.com for all the latest Gamescom news as it happens.

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  • Dave Moore

    see,you highlight the one of many problems with 3d right there jon. if you gain a competitive edge playing in 3d isn’t that unfair to those racing you online ?
    this seems a very stupid problem that’s punishing those who cant afford or won’t go 3d.