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Gamescom Report: Day Four

And so it’s goodbye Cologne. Thanks for all the beer and sausage. After four days in town there were plenty of games to see and what you’ve read about here only scratches the surface. Keep an eye out for Issue 197 of Play to see the full picture.

In the mean time the games to see on the final day were a strong bunch. Namco Bandai gave us a first look at Inversion, a new third person shooter being developed by Saber in the Gears Of War mold. The twist, and you knew one of those was coming, is a whole bunch of physics based gravity gameplay with the ability to manipulate gravity in the world. Sometimes it’s already a bit messed up when you arrive. It was sort of like mixing Gears with Christopher Nolan film Inception. Definitely one to watch.

We then got a look at Ubisoft’s rebranded Might & Magic: Heroes VI, which is a PC only game… for the moment. We asked the developers about bringing it to PS3 with Move functionality and they told us that they were certainly interested having been impressed by what RUSE (an RTS also from Ubisoft) has done. If it were to happen though it would take a long time and would mean a redesign of Heroes VI in many areas. Would be a welcome addition to the console though as there’s very little like it on PS3.

Lastly we saw Deus Ex: Human Revolution, where one single mission was played three times in three different ways to show how many options you have in how to approach a problem. It was an impressive display. Earlier in the week we met the original creator of Deus Ex Warren Spector and asked him if he had a question for the team. You can find out what he wanted to know HERE. And you can read Eidos Montreal’s response HERE.

Deus Ex, Journey and LittleBigPlanet 2 were the games that really impressed us at the show, but if you want a broader view check out NowGamer’s picks of the games of the show and the dark horses that surprised HERE and HERE

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