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GamesCom: LittleBigPlanet PSP hands-on

The PSP version of Media Molecule’s ground-breaking user creation game is a tale of two halves: one good, the other no so. First of all, fans will be pleased to hear that the vast majority of the PS3’s games functionality and creation tool set has been maintained in the PSP version, but with a fraction of the processing power.

There have been compromises to achieve this, however. Instead of three planes of play, the game now features just two. This doesn’t hamper the game too much – Sackboy runs, jumps, grabs and races his way through levels with no noticeable change to the gameplay. Animation is less fluid but that’s to be expected.

The amazing thing is that almost all the creation tools and functionality have been preserved in Create mode and, with some clever use of R and L buttons as ‘shift’ keys, the developers have been able to ensure that all the PS3 game’s creative options remain. It also features a whole set of all-new PSP-only textures, objects, stickers, sound effects, and decoration with which to create your levels with. The servers will be separate from the PS3 ones.

Two elements disappoint though – no co-op play over Wi-Fi and no connectivity with the PS3 version. The developer who demoed the Create mode to us said that ‘the priority was to get the creation tools right, as this is the essence of LittleBigPlanet’ and that connectivity had been considered at the start – possibly as a way of rewarding the player with unlockables in the PS3 game – but both had been ditched to focus on getting the game running on PSP. However, you will be able to directly share a level with a friend over Wi-Fi without using the LBP servers.

So final thoughts? Quite amazing that it’s even possible to get LBP working to this level on the PSP. It’s out shortly after the PSPgo at the start of October.

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