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GamesCom: God Of War III hands-on


Words to describe God Of War III. Bloody. Angry. Hilarious. It’s true, the latest instalment of Sony Santa Monica’s epic is a brilliant, and as over-the-top, as we had hoped for.

GamesCom’s demo features around 15 minutes of gameplay that sees Kratos on familiar ground – slicing and dicing his way through hordes of undead enemies in a quest to avenge the death of his family. What it also showcases are the all-new features coming to the PS3 game.

First up, a new weapon. We forget the exact name, but these ‘gauntlets of death’ are the boxing gloves of gods. With them Kratos can mash his way through crowds of enemies, each blow more sickening and more satisfying than the last.

Kratos can now saunter across ledges, dropping down and hanging off them when necessary – a bit like you would in Tomb Raider. Kratos also has the ability, once they’re ‘defeated’ using the bow and arrow, to ride Valkyries, stabbing them as they go to change direction. He can even jump from one Valkyrie to another if he’s in range. The Icarus wings return and the demo featured a section with Kratos flying up the inside of a giant tower, while we have to dodge various obstacles hurtling towards us as he flies.

Defeating and then riding a crippled Cyclops is hilarious. Kratos stabs the Blades of Athena into the Cyclops – you can then use them to control the giant beast using a light or heavy attack to mow down the hordes. When you’re done, Kratos will simply rip the Cyclops’ eye from its socket to kill it. It’s brilliant.

What else? Well, generally speaking, there’s more variety to the combat – one move sees Kratos pick up and enemy and then use him as a battering ram. Another has him explode from under a pile of enemies when he gets overwhelmed.

The demo ended with Kratos leaping miles through the air to take on one of the Titans. Man, is he angry.

God Of War III is due out in March – we should have something new on it in January. Roll on 2010.

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