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Gamescom 09 – what’s in store?

Gamescom 09 – what’s in store?

Gamescom_RGBExciting news everybody, we’re less than a month away from Gamescom.

‘Europe’s E3’ takes place in Cologne and starts on the 19 August. It lasts for four days and is a bit more accessible than E3 because for two of the days – the Saturday and Sunday – it’s open to the general public, who will be able to get their hands on games like God Of War III and Uncharted 2.

We’ve already got a good idea of the games that’ll be on show – many of E3’s games will be there – but much of the speculation about what big announcements there will be. Sony always saves something good for the conference and speculation is rife that it will be something massive this year because Sony’s press conference is three hours long. Well, we’ve had it confirmed by Sony PR that the press conference isn’t actually three hours long at all, but will be closer to an hour – the other two hours will be spent getting people into the hall and plying them with drinks and nibbles pre-conference.

However, there will be some exciting announcements. Here are Play‘s predictions:

• We’ll find out once and for all about the PS3 Slim. Because Sony’s been so quiet on this subject, we’ve decided that the photos are indeed real and that it’s likely to be officially announced at Cologne. And out by the end of September.

• New firmware update to launch with the PS3 Slim. Details will come out at Cologne – we’re hoping for improvements to Trophy support, Facebook and other widgets on the XMB and possibly something new for the look of the XMB, not necessarily a redesign but something cool nonetheless. New firmware could also include cross-game chat. Fingers crossed.

• There should be some news on the video store – this was confirmed at Leipzig last year and was supposed to be out last spring. UK movies store by the end of the year?

• There will likely be something new on the PSPgo, possibly more on the sort-of-announced PSP App Store. Expect this to be games and apps confirmed as well as pricing. Will the pricing be similar to iTunes? Let’s hope so.

• We’re not expecting any new announcements games-wise but there is likely to be new stuff on the European-developed games: LittleBigPlanet PSP, MotorStorm PSP, Heavy Rain. We could see something new on Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time but it’ll probably be the same E3 content for The Last Guardian and God Of War III.

• There’s going to be something from Media Molecule announced on 18 August – the same day as the press conference – this could be the official confirmation of the Game Of The Year pack and/or new MM-designed levels and new tools. Or something completely new…

That’s it for now. Play will, of course, be there in force to bring you up-to-the minute news and hands-on game impressions. Check back for news on this soon.

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