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Games You Love (That Everyone Else Hates)

Games You Love (That Everyone Else Hates)

Guilty pleasure is one of those phrases that has a misleading name. I love Steven Seagal movies (don’t start), which would be classed as a guilty pleasure except I don’t actually feel guilty about it. I haven’t done anything wrong or committed a crime, until the BBFC board decides to factor good taste into who can legally watch what in this country. So I don’t feel guilty. I’m embarrassed to mention it depending on the company I’m with but that would make it an embarrassing pleasure, not a guilty one. In those instances where I’m grilled for my favourite films, I’d just say blah blah blah Christopher Nolan Inception Leonardo DiCaprio Hangover Anchorman blah blah blah and nudge the conversation forward. Hopefully not into a music conversation. I’m not going to spend the dignity I just saved by dodging a Seagal movies confession by then admitting Africa by Toto is an amazing song.

Who here loves Nier? Probably not many of you. There’s a reason for it too. It’s a clumsy attempt at merging the action and RPG genres, where there’s not particularly much depth to either as the game revolves around a small hub disguised as an open field. Not much to do, not many places to see, no meaty gameplay to get stuck into… it drifts along at its own unusual pace,

And yet, in spite of its universal panning, I really, really like it. Its quirky characters and gorgeous soundtrack kept me playing until the end, where you unlock a New Game+ option which kicks in from the halfway point and allows you to sympathise with the bosses you just spent the past 10 hours plus killing. It does this by showing things from their point of view before you stomp into their respective homes and slash them to death. In the first playthrough, they seem evil. In the second playthrough, you realise they’re misunderstood. It’s a poignant touch that makes you think and consider the context of the bosses…

…but only if you’ve put the 10 or so hours in to complete Nier plus however many hours on top of that it takes to reach the bosses again. Burying the best aspect of your game in the New Game+ is a pretty bad move to begin with but when it’s further buried behind flimsy combat and samey locations, it’s no wonder hardly anyone ever bothered to get far. But hey! That’s why Nier is a guilty embarrassing pleasure if mine and why I understand people saying they hated it.

We all have a game we love in spite of its flaws though. What’s yours?

  • Conor w

    Far cry 2 and dragon age

  • Glenn1873

    alien vs predator maybe? a told evry1 to buy it n they all hated it wen they did!?

  • Eric Shun

    Far Cry 2 as well, must have sunk 50-60 hours into that game

  • Steven

    Home alone on the nes… it’s a good time waster, and I see it as… kind of a Pac-man inspired kind of thing. Nothing great, but I like it.

  • Ryan King

    No idea if it’s the same game or not but I remember I liked Home Alone for Game Gear, and that really was -terrible-

  • John Otteson

    For some reason everyone hates fallout 3
    I love it 🙂

  • Maria

    I like A LOT of games that nobody else likes.But you can’t argue about taste.