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Games ARE Long Enough

Games ARE Long Enough

Here’s a fun fact for everyone on this bright and sunny Monday morning. In the time it’s taken me to complete Yakuza 4 (40 hours+), you could have completed Homefront 10 times. Maybe even more, as you start to get really good at Homefront and start speedrunning it.

It’s not a fair comparison, you might cry, given that Yakuza 4’s 40 hours+ is padded by endless side-missions that range from training up dojo fighters to tracking down sewer monsters who steal cucumbers. But hey, it’s not fair charging £49.99 for a 5-hour game. Oooooh sickburn.

The point is that Yakuza 4 is looooong. It’s taken a few weekends plus a few nights of home-late-from-work-can’t-be-arsed-doing-anything-else pottering about and only now has the end of the game loomed in sight. A lot of it takes place in the same area but even so, you won’t question whether you got your value for money from it or not.

As gamers, we’re often quick to point out that games are getting shorter and shorter. Shouldn’t we celebrate games that are long that give you plenty of bang for your buck? Yes. We should. And thus: Yakuza 4, The Orange Box, Rock Band 2, Oblivion, Burnout Paradise, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Demon Souls, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are some of the games on PlayStation3 that take ages to complete but never outstay their welcome, staying fun throughout their running time.

What are your picks for games that last ages?

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  • Conor

    Dragon age origins

  • Sean

    Probably Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, it was a pleasant surprise that, for a hack n’ slash adventure game, it took me 16 hours to complete which was more than what I was expecting and I really feel that I got more for my money. There of course are some bad cases, like Kane and Lynch 2 for example, and for someone who doesn’t play online, it’s one of the worst £40 I’ve spent, in terms of content.

  • For me it depends if games are made long by just adding filler, or made long by adding worthwhile content. I’d put Oblivion and Fallout 3 in the filler category. Making a world that takes two days to walk across does not mean it’s better than a small dense world. (GTA IV got this spot on). The dialogues were also much too long and drawn out.

    The last game I played which was just the right length was Max Payne 2 – long enough to get into it but not too long it felt like I’d never finish it without feeling like I should be going out more.

    As for too long – has anyone actually done Gran Turismo to 100% (including driving all 24hrs of Le Mans)? Thought not. (Not that I’m complaining mind).

  • Glenn1873

    red dead redemption with all the side missions, trophies and outfits etc to unlock, and also amazing, well worth 40 quid

  • Johnny_Stone

    I don’t really care about the length of time it takes me to complete a game. Its all about enjoyment for me. If I complete a game in 5 hours, but enjoy those 5 hours, its all good. I it takes me 50, fair enough. Uncharted 2 is still one of my favourite games out there, however only took a few hours to complete. We should’nt be asking for longer games, because then we get filler like “kill 100 pigeons”, instead we should be asking for higher quality story, regardless of how long it takes to tell it.