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Full Steam ahead? Probably not.

Full Steam ahead? Probably not.

I’ve been playing with Portal 2 for a couple of days now, and as such have experienced almost everything Steam has to offer on PS3. Including my PC-based friends getting confused and messaging me repeatedly about what kind of voodoo I was involved in. You’ve likely seen the details of what PS3 Steam brings – cross-platform matchmaking, chat with your Steam chums, global achievements, cloud saves, that kind of thing. But it’s still not the full Steam experience.

Will we ever see the full Steam experience on PS3? It’s a brilliant start, but will we ever get My Favourite Thing joining the PSN Store on our Sony consoles? Probably not, no.

But it would be good, wouldn’t it? Valve games converted to PS3 and released at those ridiculous discount rates the company loves so much. Other companies maybe doing the same. Constant, easy updates. More sales. Even more sales. A few more sales. Oh! the sales.

I don’t think it’s ever going to happen, as a secondary store to the main PlayStation one would be too much like competition for Sony. Unless the two were kept entirely separate. Still, it would be great. Because of the sales.

Anyway, back to Portal 2.

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