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Free Uncharted 2 Map And Updates

Free Uncharted 2 Map And Updates


To mark the American celebrations of Thanksgiving, Naughty Dog has announced a title update for this Friday. Today, November 26 is Thanksgiving so if you want to get a hold of someone in the States you may struggle. Anyway, the title update includes a brand new multiplayer map as well as some welcome new features and possibly some rather drastic alterations to Nathan Drake’s physique.

“We’re pleased to reveal that, as part of an update to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves later this week, a new Multiplayer map will be available for all players at no cost,” Naughty Dog announced on its official site. “That’s right, the first downloadable game content we have made available will be Free as a gesture of appreciation to all our fans!” The new map is called The Fort and is based on the Fortress Chapter from Drake’s Fortune. Naughty Dog even offers some tips for using it.

“The Fort is a long rectangular map with wide open spaces and excellent flank routes,” it began. “Can’t take on the enemy head on? Take the tunnels into the basement to get behind the opposing team. There is a shotgun in the center of the map, but look out for people climbing up from below to pull you to your doom. Pay attention to the side room in the crypt, there is an RPG that is ripe for the taking.”

In addition to the map are new Leaderboards that can tell you where you rank among friends and the world on such matters as Competitive Wins, Co-op, Kills and Money. A Player Card is also being added that will help you keep track of your stats. One stat that should grow nicely is your cash as its a Double Cash Weekend for multiplayer this week. Naughty Dog has teased more Uncharted 2 goodness for the coming weekend so stay tuned for that.

Kotaku is also reporting that competitive matches this weekend will have teams in Doughnut skins of Drake and Lazarevic, which should make matches both challenging and hilarious. A fine combination.


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