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Free Streets of Rage 2 – Best Thing About PlayStation+?

Free Streets of Rage 2 – Best Thing About PlayStation+?

I’m being facetious, of course. But it’s too late because you’ve already clicked the headline to find out why it’s the best thing about being a PlayStation+ member and ahaha TRICKED YOU and so on. It’s a sad, simple life I lead. Indulge me.

Even so, a free download of Streets of Rage 2 is definitely one of the huge upsides of redeeming your free month’s subscription to PlayStation Plus.* Sega’s brawler has held up really well despite its ages, undergoing that transition from being badass back in its day to quirky retro gem.

*Quick note: when your PlayStation Plus membership expires, you’ll have to buy Streets of Rage 2 to ‘keep’ it. You get to keep your Trophies earned during the membership time, though.

The combat had just the right amount of depth to it so that noobs can come in and smack buttons, those who spend time with the game can do the jump + down attacks to stun opponents before going into grabs, jumping over their opponent and doing a backslam. And spamming back attacks while waiting for the screen to transition.

Streets of Rage started it but the sequel refined everything that made it great. The combat, as mentioned, was much better. The music memorable. The levels interesting. It had a nice touch of gaming weirdness about it (think about what you’re doing in one of the later levels – you’re going up to scruffy men sleeping on a park bench and stabbing them as they wake up with explanation) without feeling quirky for the sake of it.

It was also a tough game when you cranked the difficulty up to Mania. There’s a Trophy for completing the game without using a continue and another for completing it without using a Special Move but I’m not really good enough at either to do that. People like this guy, however…

Most of all, it was about the characters. Everyone loves Skate, the punk kid on rollerskates with a backwards turned baseball cap. Everyone knows about the ‘Blanka boss’ and the annoying cage-match fight with the Abadede, who either is Andre The Giant or Ultimate Warrior or Street Fighter III’s Hugo, depending on who you speak to. And those whip girls? So very, very annoying.

I personally preferred Streets of Rage 3, even though most Streets of Rage fans didn’t. The whole game just clicked for me – the grittier visuals, the rock hard challenge, the abrasive music, everything combined for a unique ‘me vs the world’ vibe. There’s no overstating the challenge. It was so, so, so stupidly tough. When I replay it now, I wonder how I ever managed to complete it as a kid (fun fact: I completed it when I was 11 years old).

It also had Dr Zan, contender for the worst character ever created. Worse still, the European boxart decided to ignore Axel in favour of Dr Zan and make him the focus.

Yeah, well done guys.

So anyway, Streets of Rage 2 is awesome and you should download it while PlayStation Plus is offered free as part of the Welcome Back package and while Sega’s classic remains a free downloadable as part of that package.

There’s also a free download of James Pond 2: Codenamed RoboCod but I turned that off about 30 seconds in. No style of game has dated faster than sub-par 2D platformers. Anyone who’s played it for more than 30 seconds care to tell me if I’m missing anything?