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Five games that shouldn’t use PlayStation Move

Five games that shouldn’t use PlayStation Move


It has a name, and it’s not Mo-con – even though we coined that term and told Sony we would only expect modest royalties if and when they chose to use it. Nevertheless, PlayStation Move is coming later this year with a raft of games to accompany it. But rather than dwell on the positives of what is coming and what we’re looking forward to, I thought I should just get it out of the way and list five games or series I don’t want to see having motion controls thrust upon them.

1. Street Fighter

Imagine having to pull of a dragon punch using PS Move. Now imaging trying any super move. You would simultaneously break your arm and have a hernia trying to pull off anything more taxing than a light punch. I don’t want to feel like I’ve actually been in a street fight having played the game.

2. Guitar Hero/Rock Band

Not because I don’t think it would work – we already know from the Wii versions of these games that it does. No, I just don’t want to feel I have to buy another peripheral after forking out dozens of pounds on stupid plastic guitars. I have no room in my house thanks to those hunks of junk, but I spent so much on them I feel I have to get my money’s worth.

3. WWE Smackdown or any other wrasslin’ game

This actually covers any game that would involve massive levels of button-pressing or excessive waggling in order to do something in the game. Like standing up. Again this is borne from a fear of injury (and exercise), so those of you who don’t immediately snap at the mere thought of standing up and moving about a bit will probably be fine.

4. Prince of Persia

It would be fine playing through the game on the whole – so long as they balanced it all and made it work properly, of course. But the thought of having to constantly perform the exact actions you have just carried out – backwards – fills me with a special kind of dread.

5. Rogue Warrior

Because Rogue Warrior needs to be stricken from the records and any remake or sequel – using PlayStation Move or otherwise – would be a crime against humanity.

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