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Five alternative characters for Mortal Kombat

Last August we took a look at five canonical characters we’d like to see return to next year’s Mortal Kombat reboot. Today, however, news has reached the internet of the non-canonical Kratos potentially making an appearance in the PS3 version of the game, much as he did in the PSP title Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny. He’s a pretty good fit for the series; angry, bloodthirsty, and carrying a massive pair of blades that are literally seared to his flesh. In fact, we’re rather surprised he didn’t come from Mortal Kombat originally. Here’s our compilation of five other PlayStation characters we’d also love to see in the game next year:

Solid Snake
Solid Snake might seem a little out of place next to the rest of the characters, and the fact that he’s fighting with a Mk.23 SOCOM might seem a little unfair considering that some of the other characters only use a hat as a weapon. But he’d look really cool, so that’s enough of a reason for us to want to see him in there.
Fatality: Snake calls Otacon on his Codec, and the following three hour conversation bores his opponent to such an extent that they simply lose the will to live and drop dead.

Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake is a very, very nasty man. Sure, everyone who plays Uncharted remembers an affable, likable, hard done-by Indiana Jones-esque character, but conveniently forget that he’s actually a mass murderer. He kills literally hundreds of men in the space of a day – men with mothers and fathers and families – then runs off and makes a joke about how tough his day is. He’s clearly a demented sociopath, and as such would fit nicely into the Mortal Kombat cast.
Fatality: Drake lures his enemy into a false sense of security by using a Friendship – he’s a seemingly nice chap after all. Just when they think everything’s going to be ok, he shoots them repeatedly with a grenade launcher.

Noby Noby Boy
Come on, have you played Keita Takahashi’s Noby Noby Boy? That thing is certifiably insane. Someone needs to get it sectioned. It floats around the game’s colourful environments stretching itself to frightening lengths and then eats all the residents. He then poops them out with such force that it propels him across the level. What’s up with that?
Fatality: Well, I think we just covered that. He eats his opponent and then poops them out, of course.

Mud Plugger
The Mud Pluggers from MotorStorm are big, ugly and violent, kind of like Goro. And if Mortal Kombat can have robots, why can’t it have vehicles too? We think the Mud Plugger fits the bill perfectly…that, or we’re running out of ideas. It’s one of the two.
Fatality: The Mud Plugger drives up and around the level, up to a ledge high above its opponent. It then slowly drives off the edge, plummeting onto the head of the unfortunate, swaggering combatant below.

And finally…MASSIVE HEAVY RAIN SPOILER WARNING…highlight the text should you wish to read the final entry.

Scott Shelby
Well, he’s utterly demented isn’t he? He’s a malign, evil man, with no empathy for other human beings. Twisted by his past he’s a creature with no confidence in the human spirit, no belief in love, no conviction in the measures one human being will go to for another. He wants little more that to inflict pain on others just to justify his own sad existence. How grim.
Fatality: He finds the son of his opponent and locks them in a storm drain. The opponent, let’s say it’s Sub-Zero, then has to enter a ten-hour game in which they must search for their missing son, fall in love with a journalist, and cut off their own finger. Unfortunately, they make the wrong choices and fail a QTE, so the police gun them down at the end.

End of spoiler

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