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Firmware 2.40 Dated!

Okay, so normally we wouldn’t get all excited about another PS3 firmware update but this one is special. Well, special in the way that it enables PS3 owners to do some of the things their Xbox 360 counterparts have been able to do for years.

Firstly, the update enables you to use the PS3’s XMB in-game. To access it, you simply push the PS button. With it you’ll be able to chat to friends with the text messaging function and change certain settings including switching on Bluetooth devices. You can also access and play any music files on your PS3’s hard drive during a game (this feature keeps in-game sound effects playing) and there’s a new music controls system to help you navigate your tracks.

The other major addition to functionality is Trophies. We don’t know too much about this at the moment – details to be released tomorrow – but it’s basically the PS3’s version of Gamerscore. Trophies can be earned for gaming achievements, much like the points system Microsoft utalises, and these Trophies will displayable (eventually) in your Trophy Room in Home.

The good news is that you won’t have to wait long for the update as it’s out on Wednesday. In the mean time, here are some pics that Sony sent us.




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