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Final Fantasy XV needs to ignore fan feedback


Square Enix president Yoichi Wada was recently interviewed by Gamasutra, in which he made this statement concerning Final Fantasy XIII:

“When it comes to the customers’ reaction to the quality of the game, some value it highly and some are not very happy with it.

“I think this is a product that was able to meet the expectations for those who know Final Fantasy. There are all kinds of games around in the market today. Should Final Fantasy become a new type of the game or should Final Fantasy not become a new type of game? The customers have different opinions. It’s very difficult to determine which way it should go.”

This has lead to some speculation as to the future of the series – where it will go, what the next game will be like or what elements the story will cover. But I don’t think this is the kind of discussion that should come about on the back of this kind of fan reaction. Why? Read on…

It’s all well and good listening to fans – they are your meal ticket, after all – but Squenix really should take into account the context of how they’re getting this feedback. Negative responses are always the loudest of the voices heard, with those who feel personally affronted by a game/movie/song/comic/whatever being the first – and angriest – to respond about it. In the past this would equate to some angrily-worded letters, or a complaint in person here or there.

Then the internet happened.

What this means is that any negative reaction – any – is magnified by about 3,485,239 per cent (roughly). The people posting the most on any discussion forums, blogs or wherever else are far more likely to be the naysayers than they are those supporting any game. Using FFXIII as the example, it received a Metacritic rating of 83 on PS3 – a very good mark (though that’s something else people need to be educated on, seemingly, as anything below 90 is deemed ‘bad’). As a result of this high score, the positives had already been stated, the good points covered and people were recommended to buy it (and five million people did) – meaning the only thing left to do for fans was to react with fury when those who weren’t completely taken with it found things a bit different from what they were used to.

Disagreements on the internet are a horrible thing, there’s a lot of anger and insults thrown around and it tends to be that negative reactions to well-received games are exacerbated to a ridiculous degree. As such, I honestly don’t think it’s the kind of thing Wada or Square Enix should be bothered about. By all means they should listen to fan feedback, but when it comes to making any major decisions they really need to ignore rampant internet criticism.

If the petulant, angry, adolescent voice of internet criticism directly influences how FFXV turns out… well, they’ve won. And that’s not a scenario I want to be in.

[via Gamasutra]

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  • val

    They do need to listen to feedback. If the series continues like XIII to be a boring dungeon crawler with serious business anime cutscenes, rather than the rich cultural adventure world experience with diverse gameplay it has been in the past then it will lose most of it’s fans. FFXIII is the first entry in the series to feel lonely to play. Most games are lonely, zelda and half-life etc. and you can call them great games but FF is on another level as an experience. It’s like the difference between sport and a movie, sure sport is fun to watch, but a movie has a lasting impact.

    Imagine GTA went like FFXIII. It’d be a race track with cutscenes after every lap. Fans would rightly be annoyed. The FF fanbase is hard to satisfy because the series is so diverse. Some fans want medieval (VI,IX), others want futuristic sci-fi(VII,VIII,XII), others want futuristic fantasy (X,XIII), and you can’t satisfy them all fully and they will argue. But FFXIII is a different genre practically from the rest of the series, if they want to keep that direction call it Fantasy of Duty and give us our RPG back.

  • steven

    Its the best idea to listen to your fans, afterall they are the people going out and spending money on your product.
    If the requests they have or suggestions are out of question then they can be discarded while good suggestions can be used.
    It would make the community feel much better.

    Final fantasy 13 was the worst in the franchise and I got so bored playing the game that I believe the company owes me both money and time.

    If they continue to make similar games and dont listen to their fans then I will resort to something I have called very childish for a very long time. Boycott!

    I will boycott everything final fantasy until they return to their roots, those games where the best and I would pay more than full price just to get my hands on a new version one of those games.

  • AppKiller

    I love the Final Fantasy series, ever since my Sega got stolen and my cousin let me borrow his NES, I over wrote his FF save for my own….

    If they make XV like XIII, I will def not buy it. This will probably mark the end of Final Fantasy for me, which is so sad. Loved VII,IX,X

    Just make it not fighting through tunnels… its an easy fix

  • Mark

    EXACTLY what Square needs to do b/c FF13 sucked. Sorry kiddo.

  • Styile

    They definitely need to listen to fans, FF13 was beautiful but so boring…I mean honestly, through the first few hours of the game, I was pretty much pressing one button to get through the entire game. And it was so linear, I like being able to explore a huge world with secret caves and things like that. All the final fantasy’s I grew up playing have had world maps and towns. I mean, I started with FF7, and from there I had never played a bad Final Fantasy game all the way up to 12. I liked them all. 13 was just a disappointment compared to the rest of the series. But for some reason, I have faith in Final Fantasy 13 versus.

  • Griefy

    They have plenty of systems in place and unfortunately they are spread over a wide range of games. The Junction System in 8 was ingenious and gave more customization than what FFVIII did. The ability to equip skills in IX was good. The Sphere Grid was a good idea at the start but after a while you soon realize that outside of Limits, all your characters were the same when you advanced further into it.

    Final Fantasy X-2 had by far the best ATB system of any Final Fantasy and their Job System was nice, very nice. Unfortunately they placed it on top of what I believe is the worst story since… well I can’t even recall anything more horrible in Final Fantasy. Someone needs to take the best of these systems and somehow throw them into one game.

    I can’t see how its impossible in this gen to create a game with 2 separate battle systems to satisfy the fans. All ATB really is just a speed up turn based system with no pauses. Final Fantasy XIII in my opinion was just was just kinda sad in regards to the combat. It felt more inviting but less engaging. I also don’t enjoy my fights being wars of attrition from start to end and the Chain Gauge system was a horrible idea. I just don’t see as to why they didn’t just make it a Hack-n-Slash type game if they were gonna do this though we do have Versus XIII on left to show us what the other part of Square-Enix calls Final Fantasy.

  • Markysjazz

    good article! finally after all these loud mouth close minded louts shouting their half baked memetic criticisms somebody actually questions it

  • TheDoctor

    Well spoken, Mr. Dransfield. Not only is the internet hate pointless and magnified on the internet, a little prodding reveals many people who hate it haven’t played more than an hour or two of the game (sometimes less). One internet philosopher on N4G condemned the game because he didn’t like videos he’d watched of the summon animations.

    Having played every FF game except II & III, I feel qualified to say that XIII not only fits the series, but advances it with an outstanding battle system. But for people who legitimately didn’t like it, they can rest assured that Final Fantasy XV won’t be like XIII. That’s the point of the series–each game offers something new within the loose set of conventions that define a Final Fantasy game.

    Finally, though, this discussion may be moot with Yoichi Wada in charge of Square. Dude seems bent on spurning the fanbase that made Square into the multi-billion dollar powerhouse that it is today. I’ll honestly be surprised if FFXV ever sees the light of day.

  • Fading-Dream

    Seriously, the comments are rediculous. If they listened to all the hate, the game would be terrible! This article speaks nothing except truth. Personally, I feel like they need to ditch all the final fantasy fans to actually be accepted, because the true “fans” don’t want anything. Why is it that the fans of this series despise absolutely everything about the series?

  • Sean

    I have to totally agree with you Ian, FFXIII was the first FF game that I had ever brought and I have to say that it’s one of the best games I have played all year and still is. I found that most of the criticism came from the people who wanted it be more like FF VII, they would most likely say the same thing about any FF game until SE make the FF VII remake (which won’t happen).

    I to hope that the internet criticism doesn’t influence the outcome of further FF titles.

  • john

    The amount of comments just shows that FF fans are simply not happy with the games.Sure we will keep buying them regardless because we always have but it would be nice if they made a traditional FF again.I doubt it will happen seen as though the creator of FF left after FF10

  • Rob

    I think there are many problems with post Final Fantasy X games, and although X didn’t have this either it was a still an amazing game, but I think the real main problem is the fact that there is no world map. SquareEnix staff said that they didn’t think it was realistic enough, but shit, sort it out, that’s no excuse, I’m sure if they tried hard enough they could make it realistic.
    XV is gonna be a bomb…We all know it, there goes the greatest video games series ever, well, actually it’s been gone since 2001.

  • BigBoss

    What I find truly ironic and very interesting. Is that most of my friends don’t like Japanese RPGs. BUT, they enjoyed FF XII and FF XIII very much! It’s a breath of fresh air in a market saturated by shooters, sports and music games.

    However, they despise NISA games and any games that feature anime/manga artwork.

    They also love Metal Gear Solid 4 and Resident Evil 5.

    Of the friends that do love Japanese games. They despise RE 4 & 5. And, hate FF XII and FF XIII with a violent passion. They say that Square-Enix has lost it’s touch. Even when S-E is making more profit than most Japanese video game developers.

    My opinion is that FF XIII is a very well made game. I very much appreciate that S-E is the classiest company when it comes to presentation and music. Close attention to small details…Kojima is one of the only other developers that puts so much love and care into his games.

    Also, adding a nice touch like a foreign in-game language that you can take the time during exploration to translate.

    Many people don’t even notice the depth in FF games. They mistakenly just see cutscenes and dismiss it. Sad.

    Anyways, FF fans are the hardest to please.

    I remember when FFVIII came out. FFVII hated it. People went balistic over the draw system for magic. A lot of
    people also hated FFX when it came out…since it had even more cutscenes and was linear.

    FFX fans were the most harsh on FFX-2. Many didn’t like the change atmosphere and personality. Oh well.

    But, S-E apparently made a mistake when they ACTUALLY listened to the fans. They made a more open world with more focus on gameplay. Much more serious story with less
    offbeat characters compared to previous FF games. Ironically, this actually made the game way more popular with western RPG fans rather than the so-called hardcore FF fans. They complained it was dry and had no romance. hehe

    It just goes to show you can’t please hardly anyone if you do listen to the fans outcry.

    FFXIII is so different from FFXII. That I’m not surprised people complain. It happens with all FF games. More so than any other series. Well, RE4 did polarize a lot of hard-core RE fans.

    But, remember when FFXI came out. People were saying “it should not be a numbered FF game” lol

    Some people just can’t wait to criticize S-E.

    I do agree with many people who say the FF VII crowd just won’t ever be pleased by anything S-E does. And, even if they did get a FFVII remake in the future. They probably will be the first to criticize every last and little thing about it.

    Oh well! Sorry for rambling! I just couldn’t help but notice my FF fanatic friends hated FF XII and FF XIII. While my other friends enjoyed those two games A LOT! XD

  • Kinetsu

    While i’ve been a big fan of the series for a long time, I will admit that I was taken aback by how linear 13 is. It was disappointing to see the removal of towns and the world map etc. I’m still playing through the game at a slow pace, (about 20 hours in atm).

    Playing the game bit by bit helps keep the game fresh for me and I have to say it probably would get stale and boring if I sat down for a straight 12 hours of wandering through each corridor/bossbattle/cutscene.

    That being said, although I think VII VIII etc were better games, in no way is 13 the most terrible game in existence like some people seem to claim it is.

    Yes I miss the world map, yes I miss the towns, I do like the battle system in 13 and also the way the story unfolds.

    8.5/10 for me, 9.5+ if it had a better world map/towns etc.

    I also prefer the older Resident Evils, that doesn’t mean the newer games were crap though. i’d rate both 4 and 5 over 8/10.


  • Rostas

    @val Half-Life is lonely? Like wtf ,is this some kind of new typo for single-player or what? And wait,what’s Half Life doing in a RPG discussion,man,have you mixed your crack. And I do agree that Squenix should listen to the fanbase because , if I can remark quite accurately , one of the game developer companies,listen to their fanbase and release games that further exceed in excellence by innovation and originality. Yes,that’s Valve , and that’s Half Life.

  • SweetVanille

    FF13 is the best in the series .
    those whiny losers need to get a life. seriously.

  • Micro_Zentraedi

    Since Final Fantasy 13 was such a let down and a disappointment to true RPG fans I have retired from the Final Fantasy games. It was good the last 20 years but seeing this shtick of a Final Fantasy game that 13 was then I know Vs 13 and XV will be a sad disappointment too. SquEnix will no longer see my money and the are on my “crap” list of games too like Capcom and Sega and now Square Enix.

    Ask any older true Final Fantasy gamer how sad they are at the farce called Final Fantasy 13. It was just eye candy.

  • thrash242

    I’ve been playing Final Fantasy since the first one came out on NES in the US (1990) and I liked FF13 just fine. So it’s false that any “true” FF fan didn’t like it. Are you familiar with the “no true Scotsman” logical fallacy? You’re dangerously close to committing it if you haven’t already.

    I don’t want to see them retread the same path over and over again. If you’re really a FF fan, you should know that every game is very different, and that’s a defining characteristic of the series. Most of the complainers about FF13 seemed to want FF7 again.

    I bet you played a few hours, got it in your head that it was bad because it was linear and different from 7 or 9 and didn’t really try to enjoy it. I went in with an open mind and really enjoyed it. The combat system was great, the characters and stories were good, and it was actually challenging. As long as a game get those right, it starts at ‘decent’ and can go up from there based on other factors.

    Anyway, I agree that they should at least take fan feedback with a grain of salt if not outright ignoring it. You can’t please everyone, and if they try, they’ll end up with a bad game.

  • GKH

    Sorry to break it to you author, but I’ve been with the series since FF4. I can play FF1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 anyday, anytime. I guess you might call that having nostalgia googles on, but I find those games great, far greater than most modern RPGs.
    That being said, I even liked FFX, though it had it’s flaws, every game has.
    FF13? I bought it, beat it in 4 days and sold it withing 2 hrs of finishing with credit roll.

    This game is bad, and is one of, if not the worst in the series. It has great graphics, but even that is hindered by idiotic summon designs as well as corridors.

    If FF game does not have any sort of wolrd map at all, it’s very bad.
    If FF game does not have character uniqe attacks (save for one) it’s bad
    If FF game has little to no secondary cast, it’s very bad
    If FF game has story with no depth at all, it’s very bad. (With FF8 we could at least pretend the story was good with Squallsdead theory)
    And I could go on, but don’t have time to waste.

  • Knightmare

    The first FF that i beat was X. i loved it so much that i went back and played 1,2,4,6,7,8,9 then bought 12 and 13 as soon as they came out.
    FFXIII was a good rpg, hell even a grat one. Good graphics, good music, good characters. But it did have its problems (besides Hope).First was the song “My Hands”(The credit theme) it seemed way to ….pop. I was really hoping for an orchestrated song by Uematsu. Another thing would have to be that I thought that there were to many cut scenes, it seemed like i was just playing through a long movie. Also was that there wern’t towns to explore and what not.
    But over all i liked it alot. I knew that it would be completely different from the others, thats what makes it a ff game. After all if they made them all alike it would be the same thing with just different names.

  • Knightmare

    No matter what its still better then FFX-2

  • Mark montoya

    Final Fantasy XIII I thought was great. Sure it had a lot of cutscenes. But to tell you the truth, I very much enjoyed a “breather” from the constant frustration of the other games. the constant “what the hell do I do here” and get stuck on some stupid part cause you need to talk to someone or something retarded like that times. but, I still hope the was the first and last game to have so many cutscenes to tell you the truth.

    What’s so wrong with a little difference? (enix fan reference- similar to the 2nd vs. 3rd star ocean. both great games, jsu ta difference in how you play them) After all, you were the one who bought the new system right? And whoever got this whole thing started…to add to that… doesn’t everyone have a personal favorite final fantasy? The different battle systems, the different scenarios, all the situations your characters were put in. I mean, yeah there were obviously titles that you can tell were rough drafts so to speak haha. but seriously… you wanna play a BAD FINAL FANTASY GAME? play crystal chronicles for game cube. I almost slapped a baby when I first play it. true story, sold it back to the game store in less than 2 days.

    Personally though if you ask me, VII has always been my favorite and when crisis core came out for the psp I almost had a heart attack because Zack is my favorite video game character, (long story) the game was so good. It had by far the best storyline in the VII series I’ve played and the gameplay was so unique. (my opinion, going back to the whole everyone has their own favorites)

    But anyway, sorry I’m off topic…as my own opinion, most people say you have to listen to your fans, I agree…cause we are their paychecks man… and if they didn’t listen, why should we care about them then? but it’s also important to look at a larger picture, all of the fans. You may not notice but usually square is very good at listening, one currently big example, that is why XIV is another online game.

    We ALL want something different for the next FF game right? I even had a few plots myself. Personally, I hated the first…5 final fantasies cause they were all the same thing (except 4, oddly). And Square generously gives REAL fans very good remakes despite they are on psp and DS systems. Yeah I know noone wants to buy a handled system for $200 for a remake ( I feel you just pointing out if you had one it’d be more convieinet) I noticed one commentor above said they would pay anything for a good remake… if they REALLY made a remake of a game you loved, don’t you think it might lose it’s value? cause it’s not the same game you fell in love with, no matter how many times you go through the process, that’s why I’m so scared for the supposed ff VII remake for the ps3. It’s either going to rock, or suck…so much I won’t even play it (hope it’s the first one)

    Bottom line is, sure XIII was obviously not the most favored, but don’t blame it on square, I myself unfortunately 9but at the same time maybe not) had low expectations for XIII because XII, made me a little sad cause I got bored after about 1/2 through. still played it though because I am loyal to square. Love the story, the fighting was just too weird and akward for my liking. if you didn’t like XIII I might be wrong, but I think you just had too many high expectatations. If you don’t like it, I’m positive someone else will. If you want to talk to me about final fantasy (really) I’d love to chat sometime ‘Neon1358@aol.com’ is my e-mail. and who knows, maybe we’ll see eachother on XIV someday too? Anyway either way, because you all like final fantasy, you are all awesome and i’m glad to know final fantasy or not, I’m not the only one who misses the older games more than “madden 11 obssesors”, am I right or am I right? oh and thanks for reading my super long comment if you did. (oblviously you like the FF’s or wouldn’t even be reading this…i hope…)

  • Mark montoya

    oh and that GHK guy…I love all final fantasies I prefer 6-present, but I’ll still play 1-5 once in a few years…but seriously dude, don’t critisize so much. It has become apparent to me that 1. you’re on the web waaaay too much and 2. you play games waaay too much. I love games, but atleast i go out into the real world to work at my job and like spending time with family and friends. try it some time. If you have no friends however, i’m sorry and I would be more than happy to be your friend, just as long as we don’t talk about the lastest “I’ve giving up on square because they no longer are good”… man, I’m sorry but that might be a good thing for people like you. You need excercize! (and possibly a pet 🙂 )

  • CylonValis

    Tunnel Runner Xlll wasn’t all THAT bad, was it? I spent over 55 hours of my life running through some extraordinarily beautiful tunnels fighting different colored versions of the same enemies!! Woo hoo indeed.
    Now I’m not being a hater and overall critical prick because I love the Final Fantasy franchise, I’m being a hater and overall critical prick because I spent $59.99 plus tax on a game that belongs to a series known for it’s gameplay variety and sheer sense of wonder. It’s all about the spoils of exploration for this jaded gamer.
    The combat system was pretty awesome though. That, coupled with a decent story, is what kept me going. The gameplay does eventually open up, but by then I felt duped after playing through what felt like a 30 hour tutorial.
    Square Enix should still be applauded for taking chances. There are far worse games out there. I think we can all agree on this. But it’s totally understandable why franchise diehards are so upset. Oh and FFX-2 was a blast and you all know it.

  • Megamiaow

    Good for trying to keep up the encouragement and the series alive, but bad for the naivety that fans comments should be ignored. You never ignore customers wishes – ever or they may as well bury their product because they’ll be no-one buying them.

    I’ve yet to finish the game. I received it for my birthday, was very excited, but soon became very bored. I’ll try to get back to finish it and hope its not as lifeless as Im finding it. Of course, I ran across the same disappointments that everyone else did. Those who refuse to acknowledge them are in pure denial, and blind worship.

    Well, I just hope Squaresoft DOES listen so that actual improvements are made and the legacy can pick up from the next if there is one.

  • benzza

    hmm. I ma on Final Fantasy XiV

    I can tell you one thing walk in Limsa Lominsa town is damn boring.

  • sky0601

    Reading the comments made me realize that fans have their own opinions on what a Final Fantasy game should be. Of course, we would prefer XV to be something similar to our favorite game. Personally, I love the medieval style of FF (the first game I played was FFIX, and it is by far my favorite), but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like VII or XII. It just took a little while for me to really enjoy the games.

    And I have to admit that I was kind of disappointed with XIII’s gameplay. I’ve read comments about the game being too linear, yet I still opted to buy the game. Well yeah, it might not have left a lasting impression to me like IX did, but I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t enjoy it.

    As for Square Enix, they may listen to feedbacks from the fans, but their decisions should not be influenced by these negative criticisms. I’ll leave it up to them, and just hope that I would enjoy Final Fantasy XV.

  • Square Enix and how Final Fantasy XV would turn out should not be influenced by negative Internet criticisms. Every Final Fantasy game is different, including story and gameplay. You must not expect a future Final Fantasy game to be in the vein of existing ones. Those who made negative reviews about Final Fantasy XIII reviewed the game for what it was expected to be. They must have expected it to be like Final Fantasy VI, VII, IX, or X. You must review the game for what it really is, not for what it is expected to be. Kitase’s team deliberately made Final Fantasy XIII to be linear, and complaints about linearity are a joke and should be taken with a grain of salt. I was very pleased about Final Fantasy XIII’s gameplay. I predict Final Fantasy XV will get the Lumious engine. Let us not blame it on Square Enix.

  • Gabioner

    Well, after reading article and most of the comments…. I woud say…..

    Since ff1, the gamesystem bases have been almost the same in every one of the next… And, the technical (non basegameplay) atributes have been improving since the first. Better graphics, improved char customizations, more items, more ambient, more cities….. Chess has an old gamesystem but it still works, Even if you play in 3d and with animations, what i mean, ff13 looses some of the technical improvements, gets some better (graphics) and breaks in a 40-60% with the classic rpg Battlesystem of turnbased combats with lots of Magics and skills wich you decide WHEN to use and by WHO, now i see a easier less complex arcaderpg gamesystem wich is a stepback. We dont really want to THINK while playing dont we? We want a push x push x push x and push l1 and x and x and x without even think.

    The world has been nerffed, the free movement destroyed, the gamesystem is now closer to a 3rd person action arcade than a true rpg.

    What is better? Music? Graphics? Videos?

    Even if you say that you enjoy with his type of gamesystem, its impossible to admit that the rpg enviroment and world detail are good at all, its like playing god of war….

  • Matt

    I don’t agree with this article at all.

    It’s not about negative opinion – it’s about the reality that games are becoming simplistic and limited.

    There were many good things about FFXIII, I’d love graphics like that to recur, but there’s really no comparison to other final fantasy games. It’s a different kind of game entirely – one interested in visuals and combat. Where was the sweeping variety, the detailed background scenery/context and the minigames/freedoms/challenges/customisation of the past.

    FF7 is the greatest of these, because it covers so much ground. The music is epic throughout, it has a sense of humour (a genuine one) and an understated, unique mixture of gameplay activities requiring thought.

    There’s nothing wrong with sq.enix going for this new combat simulator style, but they shouldn’t be allowed to call it final fantasy.

  • Tonberry Keef

    Square-Enix should listen to the fans, but should place an appopriate weighting upon the opinions of people ranting on the internet with their other market research. Then, based upon the overall conclusions they draw, they should influence the game as they see fit.

    So that’s that dealt with.

    What that doesn’t do, and shouldn’t be expected to do, is stop people from passionately discussing their interests on the internet, and being critical when they feel their expectations have not been met. With the difference between “complaining letters” and the internet identified, it seems a little out of place to talk of those fans winning, or to describe their voices as petulant and adolescent (particularly given that most of the people complaining are the older players, who are well past adolescence).

    On another note;

    “[I]t received a Metacritic rating of 83 on PS3 – a very good mark (though that’s something else people need to be educated on, seemingly, as anything below 90 is deemed ‘bad’)”

    This has been a long lasting trend in video game journalism, that remains today. A score of 83 is, for most journalists in the field, a mediocre score, and certainly in terms of the Final Fantasies a very disappointing one. Scores in that field have tended to operate on something approaching a log scale, rather than the linear percentage in which they are often expressed. Perhaps it is part of the quality control of the industry, the number of products, or journalist preference, but this is the way things are.

    Video games seldom receive scores of less than 30, and when they do so it is because they are the sort of unmitigated disaster akin to a straight to tv movie with the sound missing. As a general rule of thumb, less than 60 is not worth playing at all, 61-75 is might be enjoyable for a specificied few or for a very short duration, 76-85 is a good but significantly flawed game, 86-92 is a good game, and 93-100 is what Square-Enix would have been hoping for.

  • tlev93styles

    agree with the last post. People have a right to come and post their criticisms of a game that they feel (as do i) didn’t meet up to their expectations.

    The first game i played was ff7 and mainly for the nostalgia feeling i find this to be the est game of the series. My favorite’s are 7-9 (and 10 in some aspects) as they are unquestionably the most balanced and universally enjoyable games.

    7-9 have a great story, with non linear progression. A tactical engaging turn based battle system that requires skill and control to master and use effectively and to change styles against differing enemies. Original and unique sets of moves, traits and items for the different characters, whilst the characters can e customized by the player to fit a certain style (mainly in 7 and 8, though partially in 9 and in 10 and 12 with their grid systems). The sense of freedom in the world map with secrets to be discovered and new items to acquire in a non linear way that is not part of the main story.

    13 has great aspects too it, the graphics system is brilliant and the interactive environment you play in is breathtaking at times. When the better cut-scenes occur, they advance the story very well rather than just reading speech from a screen, the dialogue in these is also sometimes outstanding.

    but 12 (not a bad game, not a good or great one though) and 13 (the same imo) changed too much. They overthrew what got them fans in the first place, one i feel is a grave mistake.

    lets take a game that is much loved by all its fans, is a 4 game series and did evolve, but not in a ridiculous way like ff12 and 13. can you tell what it is yet?

    yes of course MGS a game i’m sure many of you have paled, and can be paralleled very well in terms of its evolution

    1 was a good sneaking game with a compelling story
    2 same style, but with and updated graphics system
    3 more freedom to choose you style of play, either not getting caught using camo or running around rambo style, the players choice over character development
    4 even more choice in how you play, with a better camo system and easy weapon access and creating many nostalgic moments linking back to other games. (remember that crater in ff8 and how fans thought it was linked to north crater in ff7?)

    this game evolved with the increased abilities of modern game engines, without alienating its original fans by CHANGING WHAT MADE THE GAMES SUCCESSFUL IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! (praisers read this line carefully).

    but to those praising this article to high heaven and stereotyping fans of ff7 into a group saying that we only want ff7 back. are you serious?

    first off if SE didn’t listen too feedback and the just criticisms of this game then the next games would have no improvement what so ever.

    was 13 a bad game i would say no.. but a good or great game? Definitely not. Definitely not up to the standards fans should expect from a ff game.

    There is no reason to just put up with a good game, when it has the potential to be a historic game.

    changes need to be made. but not as drastically as the haters say, and going backwards from 12 and 13 is not necessarily a bad thing. Use the base of the games that made SE successful, but improve them by updating there graphics and tweaking the already successful systems (i.e MGS series) and not by overhauling the aspects that made you the money in the first place.

    A crucial period for SE and for fans, 15 will be make or break for me. Will we see another mediocre 13, or a game worthy of the FF title and a game SE could so easily produce, if they just tried…

  • kain2345

    i didn’t mind ff13 but i don’t want them to keep ff similar to 13… the things that made me not love it was

    1. its linearity, u had no freedom till grand puls n wat freedom u had was short lived..

    2. the characters, sure they were all different but hope, n vaniel are annoying, and i can see previos ff characters in the others… lightning, looks like cloud decided to be a girl, snow looks like seifer got some muscles, but sazh… we can all agree hes awesome lol (going into 13-2) noell looks like a younger squall, caius looks like kain got a new suite,

    3. the gameplay, it was like the old systems i can’t lie all of them u could basically button mash x n win (thrown in the occasional potion) but with 13 the paradigm system was stupid… n u only had like 4 slots to save 1 set up, (the battle music wasnt so great eithe)

    over all it was an ok game, id give it…… 7.5/10 i did beat it in about 2 weeks.. took me 2 MONTHS for 7-9 n 1 for 10 n all i know is i put like 300 hours into 12 lol i for 1 hope 15 is a completely new ff also on a final not, leona lewis- my hands? might as well stick black eyed peas… POP does NOT fit in ff square enix… make music to fit the game