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FIFA Quitters, Your Days Are Numbered

FIFA Quitters, Your Days Are Numbered


EA Sports has fired a broadside at FIFA players who quit out of games online before the final whistle. If you’ve spent any time online playing FIFA then you’ll know this is a serious problem among some players and the development team is looking into solutions. A penalty/reward system is being considered to punish those who quit games and reward those who play them through regardless of the result.

EA Sports Canada is concerned about those who simply lose connection through no fault of their own, so is also considering a five-minute rule that would allow players to quit in the first five minutes of a game if the online connection is poor. “After that there should be a penalty; just in the online world there are complexities that mean by the time the data comes back to our servers, something there means it doesn’t award the win to the right person,” 2010 FIFA World Cup producer Simon Humber told Eurogamer. “So we’re always looking to improve that.”

These features will not be in EA’s World Cup game though and would have to wait until FIFA 11.

Eurogamer (via Kotaku)

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