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FIFA 13? Can We Not Have FIFA 12 First?

FIFA 13? Can We Not Have FIFA 12 First?

We all know next year will see FIFA 13 – that’s an inevitability on a par with the sun rising, taxes and the fact you’ll die cold and lonely. We always joke about the next version being announced before this year’s is announced, or jape about how it’ll be released before the current version is in some paradoxical glory.

But when the developers join in on the fun – and they’re not being professional japists like us – we start to get a bit uneasy. While it’s not an official announcement (The Book Of Randy states it’s not official until there’s a press release to back it up), FIFA 13 was mentioned at GamesCom in relation to the game having Move support.

Might we remind you that FIFA 12 isn’t actually out in Europe yet.

It’s this dangerous sense of inevitability that we kind of like to ignore. Take the Football Manager series, for example, where the developers will talk about updates they’d like to make “if we make more games”. You know damn well there’s another entry in the series coming next year, but it’s this almost cheeky air of ‘we’re not telling’ that keeps it friendly and fun.

When it’s just “yeah, the next one – that we’re making right now – will have more features, but for now you’ll have to do with this one” it’s a bit of a pisstake.

Let us live with our playful ignorance, and please don’t make our hilarious jokes come true. We don’t want FIFA 14 to come out two months before FIFA 13 (which is being made and will have Move support).

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