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Family According to PlayStation

Family According to PlayStation

What do PlayStation games tell us about the important subject of family? We looked into it and, if this is what families are really like, we’re going abroad on our own next Christmas. It’s not though. In real-life, it’s important to love your family, no matter how annoying they are.


Fallout 3

The concept of family is arguably one of the foundations on which all human society is built, so in a game in which society has all but been destroyed family becomes an important theme. Many of the characters in the game, including your own, are trying (often in some misguided, twisted way) to form a family around themselves as a first step to restoring the all-American ideal depicted in Vault-Tec’s promotional material.


Dynasty Warriors

In Dynasty Warriors your family isn’t just a small group of annoying people you eat breakfast and dinner with, and go on holiday with and stuff. No, in Dynasty Warriors your family is your army. Not all of your allied officers will actually be related to you, but dozens of them are. Check out the family trees at Kongming.net to see how mind-bogglingly big these families are.


The Sims

If The Sims is to be believed, the best way to start a family is to buy a hot tub then invite the same woman around to sit in it with you over and over again until a heart appears over her head and you can try to ‘score’ with her. This, alarmingly, can lead immediately to marriage. And once you’re married babies just kinda show up from time to time and random. Yikes!


Disgaea 3

If you thought your family squabbles were bad, how about this? You have a row with your dad and he ‘accidentally’ steps on your SlayStation games console. The machine is replaceable, but the 4 million hours worth of save data is not. You’re so angry, you reveal your father’s weakness to a hero that is trying to kill him and he gets killed as a result. Then you feel bad and decide to defeat your father’s ghost so that he may rest in peace.


God Of War

When most people lose a family member they scatter their ashes in a peaceful place, or keep them in an urn on the mantelpiece. But when Kratos inadvertently kills his own family in a frenzy of bloodlust his skin is coated with their ashes as a permanent reminder of what he has done. The pacifiying influence of his family was the one thing keeping Kratos from becoming the ultimate killer. From this point on, he gets seriously angry and seriously stabby.

Happy Families


Grand Theft Auto IV

The McReary women are about as nice and wholesome as you can get. The McReary men, by contrast, are a gang of alcoholics, drug addicts, thugs, killers and all-around criminals with a bitter nostalgia for the way things used to be. Packie McReary is nonetheless an excellent drinking buddy.


Half Life

No other game has come close to portraying a familial bond as convincingly as Half-Life 2. Over the course of the game, the relationship between Alyx Vance and her father Eli elevates itself above all the sci-fi mumbo-jumbo and becomes your best reason to fight the Combine. Awe-inspiring stuff.



The Wades are one seriously messed up family. Alma Wade was born with psychic powers to a scientist Harlon Wade and an unknown mother. Harlon started experimenting on her when she was three, then had her impregnated with his DNA at 15. She gave birth to two super-psychic inbred boys. Paxton Fettel and ‘The Point Man’.



The Mishima family can be traced back to Jinpachi Mishima, founder of the Mishima Zaibatsu. He was murdered by his son Heihachi than apparently brought back to life by the same Devil gene that infected his grandson Kazuya and great-grandson Jin. They’re trouble, those Mishimas.

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