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EyePet 2 In The Works

EyePet 2 In The Works


We weren’t sure how popular EyePet was going to be even though we fell in love with it a little on the Play team, but it seems the little fella did well enough to warrant a sequel. Speaking to Gamekyo Sony France’s George Fornay has revealed that a follow-up is in the works. It probably wouldn’t be much of a leap to suggest it will involve use of the motion control tech launching later this year.

At Gamescom last year EyePet producer Nicolas Doucet told us that mixing motion control with the augmented reality of EyePet made complete sense. “Motion control is the logical step to complement Augmented Reality,” he told us. “The original demo of motion control we showed at E3 had a lot of Augmented Reality ideas such as the swords appearing in the hand of the player and that’s very much the same field that we’re in with EyePet. It was quite pleasing that even though we had the motion controller we hadn’t forgotten to show the player. Using the camera and showing the player is actually really important because it’s so impressive and unique.”

As it happens the US still don’t have the first EyePet as it was only released in Europe and Asia. Seems like even that small amount of business was enough to make Sony think it was on to a winner.

Via VG247

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